Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends
Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends
Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends
Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends
Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends

Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends

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Our Balanced Dog Bundle includes 5 all-natural wellness essentials to support your fur kiddo's best and balanced life. Adding these clean, functional ingredients to your dog's daily meal plan can support a more balanced internal system for a proactive wellness regimen.

Free of preservatives, binders, and fillers, the all natural, selectively-sourced superfood adaptogens included in this Balanced Dog Bundle are anti-inflammatory and system-balancing. Combining superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, canine-specific healthy gut pre/pro/post-biotic cultures, omega-3 fatty acid chains, all naturally occuring and therefore, more wholly bioavailable, these additions are all part of your pupper's continued wellness path.

These powder toppers can all be offered to your fur kiddos at a half-dose proactive/supportive wellness regimen, therefore each tin has a 3-6+ month supply as a preventive plan. Each different, hyper-focused topper can also be increased to full dose for a specific presentation or health issue for remedy support.

And, Pawrents save 14% by bundling!

·       Immunity Support Blend

·       Gut Support Blend

·       Flea + Tick Defense Blend

·       Hip + Joint Support Blend

·       Stress Support Blend

These 5 wellness products are helpful tools to enhance and maintain healthy function especially with the environmental and nutritional elements and challenges in many domestic dogs' lives, and to support and enhance their internal bodily systems. For further and next-level health benefit:

Emotional, physical and mental support for your fur family members are vital and are best to begin before issues present themselves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

I immediately starting using this for my boy but he’s still itching. I have become a mini supplement store at this point. I’m going to keep using it in hopes it eventually gives him relief but I have tried everything. He doesn’t eat kibble. Cessorex, quercetin, mushrooms, multiple baths with 4legged shampoo, CBD topical & Ease from cbd dog health. Ginger root. Turmeric. Coconut oil. I am at a loss here.

Peggy (Dunedin, Florida, United States)
Immunity & Allergy Support meal topper is working for my 12 year old

My dog needed a monthly Cytopoint shop to reduce itching/scratching. Thanks to Woof Creek's Immunity & Allergy Support meal topper the Cytopoint shot is not necessary every month.

Meghan Green (Clarkston, Michigan, United States)

We’ve been inconsistent so it’s hard to tell if it’s working. I’m praying it does cuz he has some horrible allergies. One thing I did notice is his horrible eye goobs are gone.

Melanie Strubble (Quincy, Florida, United States)
So Far, So Good❣️ 🐺

WoofCreek Folks ARE AWESOME ❣️🤘✌️😘🐺

Mike Smith (Kansas City, Missouri, United States)
Thumbs up

Great products we have used since our boy was a puppy and he has done well on their products.

Charli Ga (Dacula, Georgia, United States)
I’m stumped

Very responsible and caring company

Hi there, Charli,
Thanks so much for your feedback and for being a stellar Pet Parent, trying the natural route!
And, as pet parents ourselves, and thousands of pets benefiting from Mother Nature's pivotal ingredients like those found in our toppers, treats and supplements, getting our fur kiddos to consume the wonderful adaptogenic us key, so we recommend the following per our product pages:
Many pet guardians mix powder w/filtered water, sodium-free broth, or Omega-3 oil to make a delicious gravy, or even mix with an egg, Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat's milk or clean-ingredient peanut butter! (Woof Creek's own pups have their powder blends on their meals as-is, but every pup is different!)
Daily measurement can be given at once, split over a day’s meals, or as separate ‘snack’ – for pickier pups, mix with liquid and give with a plastic oral syringe.
99% of our pet clients truly love Chef Scot's intentionally irresistible blends, like the meaty umami of the different functional mushrooms, and the pure scent and flavor of the superfoods and novel proteins, which are active-only (meaning no synthetics, binders, fillers, flavors, etc.)

But for the few, like your sweet TJ, that have certain preferences (or sometimes isn't partial to the food our toppers are being added to, like ultra-processed dry foods, etc.) the above mentioned plastic oral syringe may be the way to go: Just mix the powdered blend with filtered water, suck it into the syringe, and, standing behind your kiddo, place and inject it at the side of his mouth, between the molars has been how I have found it easiest.

We want to always get you and your TJ to the goal result, improved and maintained wellness and wagging tails! Please email us directly at to discuss further so we get there!

Your Woof Creek Care Team

Rhonda Morrison (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Great product!

My 5 yr old mini goldendoodle has lots of allergies. This product seems to help her body manage these!

Annamaria (Fremont, California, United States)
Allergy Support

My dog was having issues with his paws and licking them every time he came in from outside. I add the allergy support powder along with some of the others to his food and it seems to be helping. Very happy with the product.

Beth Sperber (Sarasota, Florida, United States)
Much Better

I was so pleasantly surprised how well my Havanese is feeling. He bit his paws continuously till they were brownish black. Now after taking Immunotherapy and Allergy supplements his paws are white again. He has almost totally stopped biting them.

Alana Thevenet (Tampa, Florida, United States)
Seems to be helping

Watson has allergies that even Cytopoint injections do not totally relieve. The allergy support from Woofcreek seems to be helping add a bit more relief.