Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Flea + Tick Defense Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save

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Our Flea + Tick Defense Support Health Supplement Blend Refill Pouch is eco-friendly (compostable!), convenient, and economical! This pouch is a full refill (1-Tin's worth) of the same delicious and functional core longevity powder that your pup already loves!

*Refills do not come with scoops, magnetic scoop holders, or feeding instructions, so... Purchase the Tin + Scoop FIRST, here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
MJ (Verona, Wisconsin, United States)
I believe in this product. I hope it keeps working.

Just ran out of my last batch today and upon opening the new one, this bag did not smell of garlic as much as my last two orders. I hope it works as well. I guess we’ll see.

Laura (Yellville, Arkansas, United States)
So Far No Pests

We live in Arkansas so flea & tick season starts early. I saw a tick on my dog. I had just started our new ‘holistic flea & tick regimen.’ Not using those poison’s from our Vets offices anymore. It’s been a month now and using this supplement along with a natural flea & tick collar and diatomaceous earth in yard, we haven’t had any pest sightings!! Will continue to use on my 3 dogs. They don’t seem to mind it sprinkled ontop of their kibble.

Amy Earls (Kingsport, Tennessee, United States)
So far, so good

So far, we haven't seen any fleas or ticks. In addition to the topper, I also have "repellant" plants" placed around my home. I absolutely LOVE that this is an all natural powder without any questionable additives. Thank you, Dr. Judy Morgan, for the recommendation. Since we are just now getting into the summer weather here, I am eager to see how it continues to work.

Elvira Walker (Huntington Beach, California, United States)
Editing my previous review

I previously gave a 5 star rating as this product seemed to be working to ward off fleas but unfortunately this did not last even with the combo of powder and spray. I was hoping to rely on this regimen and not have to give my fur baby chemicals for flea protection but this is not the case. She ended up with a terrible flea infestation and flea dermatitis so we are back to square one. Like how her coat is soft but stopped working with any benefit after 1 month. So sad...

Darlene (Portsmouth, Virginia, United States)

The flea and tick defense support powder seems to work well in my dog's system to deter those pests. This is a good product with good ingredients.

Debbie Maiola (Spencerport, New York, United States)
Great products

I absolutely love ❤️ the flea and tick defense support pouch…the contents fit perfectly into my can that I originally received. I love the fact that the pouch is earth, friendly, and the product works great. I highly recommend!

G.C. (Tampa, Florida, United States)
The best of the best

My two girls take almost all the different supplements this company offers and they even wear the spray everyday!!
This specific product though is my holy grail as we spend a lot of time outside!

Carol Brock (Columbus, Ohio, United States)

The product itself seems effective, but my Large Value Refill Pouch only lasted about a month. It should have lasted about 3 months. Either it was severly underfilled, or I was sent the small refill package.

Anne Nyktas (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)
Too soon to tell but I expect great things!

This company provides quality products that bring peace of mind to me in keeping my pet healthy and safe. I have only been using the flea and tick defense powder for a month and it’s early in the season…but so far so good! I combine it with the flea and tick spray when hiking, I will provide an update later in coming months.

Dianna Murphy (Roseville, California, United States)
Made my dog sick

I’m very sorry but this made my dog very ill, within about an hour if giving it to him he was throwing up and continued to do so throughout the night. We were packing up to go to the vet when he finally went to his bowl and drank. He had refused to eat or drink prior. Within a few hours he also ate his breakfast and continued to get better. I’m slightly revising my review from 2-3 stars but I’d like to explain that. This company has offered me a complete refund (I didn’t ask for one) and has been working with me to discover why this made my dog sick. I did not start him gradually as directed on packaging. Having said that, I should have known that! The company has also reworked the feeding directions to insure that gradual introduction is clearly marked on packaging. So if I could give a rating on just customer service, it would be a 5 star review, it is obvious to me that they really care and want to do what is right. I will be giving the product another try by gradually introducing it to my dog. It’s hard to give an honest review on the product until I know whether or not it works to repel fleas.

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