Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Flea + Tick Defense Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save

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Our Flea + Tick Defense Support Health Supplement Blend Refill Pouch is eco-friendly (compostable!), convenient, and economical! This pouch is a full refill (1-Tin's worth) of the same delicious and functional core longevity powder that your pup already loves!

*Refills do not come with scoops, magnetic scoop holders, or feeding instructions, so... Purchase the Tin + Scoop FIRST, here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Catherine Gallagher (Galena, Illinois, United States)

Really like the flea/tick product. Better ingredients that most. I pray it works!!!

Rita M (Rolesville, North Carolina, United States)
Care without chemicals

I took my pups, Holly & her daughter Zoey, off of Bravecto (Holly refused to take it, even smothered in peanut butter!) and add Woof Creek Flea & Tick Defense to their food every day. No fleas!

Jessica Miller (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)
Great product!

So far, so good! I purchased the large refill flea and tick powder and the immunity/allergy powder. My pooch stopped scratching himself and I haven’t found a flea. 🤞🏻 The real test will be spring and summer. I’m very hopeful, even living in NC. Also, customer service is excellent!

Irene Marshall (Charleston, South Carolina, United States)
Flea/Tick Refill pouch.

Fits perfectly in the tin! I started giving this to my pups a few months ago in hope that they would be protected when I travel south this winter. Well, we are in the south and it seems to be working. I have not treated the yard and I do see flees but not on my pups. So, I’m hoping it keeps on working. :)

Mitchell Johnson (Huntington, New York, United States)
I like the products

My dogs love the taste I have only used them for a little over a month. So far so good. I will know more about the flea and tick when the warm weather comes. Thanks.

Lily Horvath (San Diego, California, United States)
My dogs love it

My dogs love it. I add water to their food and it makes a tasty broth (so they tell me). As to how well it works? Not sure yet since it's winter but I'm optimistic

Dog mom (Santa Clara, California, United States)
Jury still out

In my first month of using this, canʻt see any huge difference yet, but am still hopeful

Sheltie mom (Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States)
I think it helps

I think this supplement helps to repel the fleas. Still have fleas but am seeing a lot less. We have had hard freezes plus I work hard to rid my dogs of these creepy crawlers with daily flea checks, frequent bathing, vacuuming, washing bedding and using flea traps. Will continue using this product as I don’t use any chemicals on my dogs.

Julie (Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, United States)
Green juice: dachshund approved

Our family lives in the midwest, but we spending late fall/early winter in the south. I thought it prudent to ramp up our anti-flea and tick regimen, so I added this powder to the dachshunds' daily diet. They enjoy their sprinkle of green juice in the mornings, and I enjoy the added the protection this product brings against unwanted pests.

Stephanie Hill (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Awesome product

This seems to be the only product that has worked for my poor Frankie’s skin! My Frankie is a 10yr old Pug who unfortunately is allergic to fleas and has other skin allergies. The Flea & Tick food toppe is amazing but, I’m really looking forward to trying the one for skin allergies!

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