Our Story

How it all started

Sometime in the middle of the mayhem that has been the year 2020, something awesome actually happened. A 10-week old puppy named Lily Lou, a standard poodle with some small mix of hunting dog and terrier, adopted one Chef Scot Hill, who’d suddenly found himself with a lot of extra time on his hands. His restaurant had just closed its doors due to CoVid-19: For a chef, the lack of his loyal clientele, his kitchen staff, and his creative outlet, made him absolutely stir crazy. He lived for dreaming up nourishing, healthful and flavorful dishes for his foodies!

Enter Lily Lou, the poodle pup, a.k.a. Chef’s muse! If Chef couldn’t create cuisine for his café and catering guests,  he’d produce holistic, tasty treats for his pupper…and the dogs of the world!

Chef, throughout his adult life, had always hand-made his dogs’ food and treats. With an education in people and pup nutrition, along with his expertise in flavor profiles and culinary techniques, knowing exactly what his dogs ate, with the best ingredients around, by his own hand, gave Chef a tremendous sense of comfort. Giving his dogs, now his new little Lily Lou, true love through food was a wonderful way to repay their unconditional devotion. And with all of the scary unknown delivered by the corona pandemic, why not give this sense of comfort to all of his pet-owning family, friends, and community! Heck, why not the entire country; how ‘bout the world! All folks’ fido’s deserve the boost in vitality, energy, health (and fabulous flavor) that Chef’s Lily Lou was devouring!

So, a dog treat business was born: Woof Creek Nutritious Nature.

In the Kitchen

A great match from the start, Chef and Lily spent many hours together in the kitchen creating recipes and making treats: When the treats went into the oven, puppy training (and taste testing Chef’s prior batch) would begin, followed by a perfectly exhausting game of tug. Completely tuckered, Lily Lou would happily collapse onto her kitchen mat; her puppy dog eyes saying it all: “I’m in your hands, Dad. Thanks for taking such good care of me.”

The Treats

Chef Scot’s mission is to nourish the mind, body, and spirit of Lily Lou and her fellow puppy-peers, the world over. His holistically focused dog treats use whole animal proteins blended with fruits, vegetables and superfoods. Chef found that the more aromatic (stinky! which is vital, as a dog’s sense of smell actually trumps their sense of taste!) and intensely flavorful treats he’d craft (animal muscles and organs are the smelliest and most healthful), the more irresistible Lily Lou found the treats to be. And, of course, the more Lily craved the treats, the easier it was to get her attention, lending to much more successful training sessions (another important part of a pup’s life, knowing the house rules and feeling safe, sound, and connected to their pack leader-person!)

 Chef and Lily’s Woof Creek believe that every dog should have the opportunity to enjoy rewards and every dog-parent should have available to them a no-guilt, ultra-quality dog treat crafted with love. Woof Creek selects only the best responsibly harvested and sustainable ingredients from sources here in the USA. Our treats are made in small batches, with you and your bff’s safety as top priority. Chef and Lily are still in the kitchen creating treats and other secret formulas that Woof Creek is eager to share with you and the world… so here’s to you and your puppers! Woof! 

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Our Simple Mission