Our Story

How it all started

Sometime in the middle of the mayhem that was the year 2020, something awesome actually happened to one Tampa Bay family. A 10-week-old spoodle puppy named Lily Lou, adopted a CoVid-displaced Chef and his family of isolated e-learning teenagers, a stir-crazy wife, and some very well-attended-to tropical fish.

Chef Scot Hill and his prettier half, Lisa, of Riverview, Florida, suddenly found themselves with a lot of extra time on their hands. Their cafe & catering company, The BrightSide in downtown Tampa, had to close its doors due to CoVid-19 (and would sadly never reopen…)

For a chef, the lack of his loyal clientele, his kitchen staff, and his creative outlet, drove him absolutely bonkers. He lived for dreaming up nourishing, healthful and flavorful dishes for his foodies!

Lisa, who’d developed such close-knit friendships with their cafe clientele was heartbroken. And so very worried, as was the whole world! Her and her entire family watched their mental health and emotional wellbeing suffer in isolation.

With no end to the pandemic insanity in sight, and with no restaurant to attend to (like an all consuming second home!) their (hooman) kids made an amazing argument for a new addition that would have never, ever before been considered…

Enter Lily Lou, the poodle pup! a.k.a. Heart hero! And…

Chef’s muse! If Chef couldn’t create cuisine for his café and catering guests, he’d produce holistic, tasty wellness treats for his pupper…

And when Lily the Spoodle landed in the Animal ER on New Year’s Day of 2021 due to a severe cough due to a throat blockage, so thought their vet, a new level of need was found for what Scot had been doing. Thankfully, no blockage was found in Lily’s trachea; severe allergies were to blame for her cough and deep discomfort. Rather than take the kidney and liver challenging medication options their vet offered, Scot was then inspired to dive even deeper into dog health and nutrition, certifying as an Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist. He began sourcing even more poignant ingredients like functional mushrooms, exotic proteins, and pure organic superfoods.

The only matter became the high cost of such premium ingredients sourced from the most reputable producers anywhere! But there was no other option. Nothing but the best for their fur baby! With the level of health and help Scot’s toppers and treats had offered their Lily (and neighbors, family, and friends’ pups) and the sense of completion Lisa saw in Scot and his passion for the work, Lisa asked, “why not fetch a bunch of tennis balls at once?” 

“Let’s make these incredible wellness yums and toppers available for all pup parents’ fur kids!” She knew Scot’s chef experience would allow them to buy clean, premium ingredients in bulk, and make this their next chapter, their next endeavor!

So, a canine nutrition business was born: Woof Creek Nutritious Nature®, a dog wellness company, for more tail wagging years™.

p.s. Lily became Woof Creek's Chief Tasting Officer, but quickly became overwhelmed as the business grew, impacting more & more puppers around Tampa Bay, the USA and beyond! She made the plea to her pawrents to hire more help, so the hunt for a second spoodle pup was on! Months of searching led them to sweet & silly rescue, Layla Mae. Woof Creek Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Lily's adopted little sister, and lovable vacuum cleaner, Layla, is yet another bright side to the family's lives!

Woof Creek CEO Scot Hill w/his CTO Lily Lou & CQO Layla Mae
Our Simple Mission

Our mission is to add more healthy, happy years to puppers' lives. Our fur babies are with us for too little time as it is: With wholesome, clean nutrition and lifestyles, Woof Creek aims to maximize the health span of our fur kids for our fellow pawrents.

Devoted dog dad and Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist, Chef Scot Hill, has found his passion and will continue to tirelessly support the long, loving relationship between us and our dogs by developing pivotal and powerful canine nutrition supplements made of clean superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and exotic proteins for prevention, remedy, and holistic wellness, and by being a trusted voice within the fur baby community.

For adding more tail wagging years™, The Woof Creek Nutritious Nature Family is proud to be your fur kids' wellness partner for their (longer, healthier) lives!

Certifications + Continuing Education

Canine Nutrition Certification

The highly technical, science-backed platform offered in Dr. Dana Scott's Advanced Canine Nutrition Certification program offered Woof Creek co-founder Chef Scot Hill the in-depth knowledge base and vet-guidance on proper, canine-appropriate nutrition and expanded education on adaptogens, novel proteins, and the enlightening opportunities of clean, functional ingredients for his formulations.

Chef Scot is always expanding his knowledge base on pet nutrition, health, and wellness through science-based, veterinarian developed courses to develop more pivotal offerings.

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AHVMA Associate Member

Woof Creek is a proud Associate Member of the American Holistic Veterinary Association, gaining access to the newest clinical research and integrative veterinary studies from the AHVMA Journals. The professional members of the AHVMA and utilizing their expansive knowledge base of holistic and proactive modalities allows Woof Creek to share next-level education, nutrition therapies and care for all Pet Parents and their fur family members.

FIND AN INTEGRATIVE VETERINARY PRACTITIONER TODAY: https://www.ahvma.org/find-a-holistic-veterinarian

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Members of Integrative Veterinarian Community + Course Program

In March 2022, Woof Creek's founders Lisa + Scot joined the invaluable holistic pet health community of The Natural Pet Doctor, globally renowned integrative veterinarian, Dr. Katie Woodley. Dr. Katie is a member of the AHVMA and created her incredibly in-depth educational modules, real-time monitored Healthy Holistic Pet For Life BluePrint community w/weekly live Q+A, all of which has expanded Woof Creek's knowledge base exponentially.

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Woof Creek's catalog of pet wellness functional + irresistible offerings for your fur family are now offered by integrative Veterinarians across the United States and Canada. For more tail wagging years®...

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Tail-Wagging Talks

Tune into a world of expert talks and engaging interviews, all focused on enhancing your dog's health and happiness.

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    Lisa and Chef Scott

    Dr. Judy Morgan DVM, CVA, CVCP, CVFT meets with (and now carries!) Woof Creek Wellness.
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