no more cone or costly meds
"our pittie pup stopped flaking & scratching!"

Our rescue Luna came to us with serous otitis and dermatitis caused by an severe ear infection which created “hot spots” all over her body. These were spots that would get itchy and dry, then made raw from scratching. The insides of her ears were just open sores that would not heal. This caused them to have a strong odor. This condition even affected her gut health. Needless to say she did not sleep a lot and neither did anyone else. We immediately began to wean her off of her old food. Then we got her medicine to treat her ear infection but the dermatitis persisted. We bathed and conditioned Luna every 2 days and made homemade Lemongrass Rinse (anti-microbial). The smell became manageable but Luna would still flake (dandruff) and her “hot spots” were still essentially bald. Then we got her a product from @woofcreekwellness called Essential Allergy + Immunity Meal Topper. This jump-started her healing. We noticed that she stopped flaking, scratching, and her hair was growing within the 1st week. Also her gut health improved too. She no longer had “accidents” in the house or loose stool. Sweet Luna’s quality of life has greatly improved because of this supplement which is a blend of 4 kinds of mushroom (Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake), Sea Kelp, and Green Mussel Powder. We are all sleeping through the night and Luna can focus on being a little sister to HoneyBella. Thank you so much, Scot. We appreciate you and your products so very much🙏

stress free
living his best life

My boy Cody has been using their Essential Stress+Anxiety Support for almost a year, along with Woof Creek's Omega-3 Salmon Oil w/Hemp, and their clean treats. This picture says it all.

-Dog Mama, Sylvia G.

Prevention & Remedy
For Fur Baby Frenchies

Our frenchies have been on salmon oil, immunity, and joint care for almost 2 years. We were looking for anything to boost their health with their breed. They are healthy and love the meal toppers. Thank you Woof Creek; we love your products. - Mike S.

Woof Creek's Essential Hip + Joint Care


 I’m a vet tech for an orthopedic vet's office and have worked at multiple rescues/shelters. I have an 11 year old chocolate lab and he’s been doing really well on the hip + joint powder topper! I have stairs to my house and he was flying up the stairs this morning! 

Bailey A., Vet Tech

"This stuff is amazing! We have a rescue Pitti who is about 8 years old and, in addition to having hip issues from an old pre-rescue injury, she tore her CCL 3yrs. ago. We opted against surgical repair and she has been on an anti inflammatory long term but *still has stiffness. We started Woof Creek's Essential Hip+ Joint Support Powdered Meal Topper about a month ago and I can tell a HUGE difference! She is getting around better, less limping and just about no snaps, crackles, or pops when she gets up or stretches now. You can tell she just feels better in general. I am hoping that this will enable us to get her off of the anti inflammatory drug or at least decrease the dose. Thanks,

Sheli D, Dog Mom

As a dog mom to now 4 German Shepards, and a veterinary nurse, I am very choosy about everything and anything I give my fur kiddos. From Woof Creek's naturally shed moose antlers, to novel protein treats, omega-3 oils and joint care toppers (as canine osteoarthritis is real in my house, from my newer puppy to my senior boy), I know I can trust the holistic quality of their products.

Kovu and Kenna German Shepard Fur Kids of Vet Nurse Kim S
Kim S., Colorado, Vet Nurse
He's Back!
"nothing short of a miracle"

“Samson is our 16 year old mini dachshund. Needless to say, a retired old back yard patroller for those menacing squirrels. In the last several months we have watched him slowly decline in activity and overall happiness. He was experiencing discomfort as one would expect with a senior dog. He suffers from degenerative joint and spinal disk disease. We were actively looking for anything to help him live life as normally and pain free as possible. With varying degrees of success, we were simply not getting the results we wanted, of course, nothing is good enough for our Samson anyway. Then by chance, we found Woof Creek. The Essential Joint Care product has been nothing short of a miracle for Samson. I am actually amazed at the difference in him. He has reclaimed the backyard, barks to the world as if to say, "I'm back" and is much more interactive with the family. Thank you is all we can say. Squirrels beware!!”

- Stacey and Jim Chattin, Lakeland FL

"Thank you for all you do... Your quality product has become a staple to my Jax's diet."

Just wanted to say thank you so very much for providing a quality product that has become a staple to Jax’s diet. We have been through many different supplements etc. and literally these [Essential Meal Toppers] are the very first that I can just sprinkle on his food and he eats with no problem. Usually I have to mix it in real good and hide it as much as possible, not with these. I have already noticed a difference in his coat and I have now transitioned my daughter's Golden Retriever to raw and will be getting him on the Stress and Immunity supplements as soon as they arrive.
Thanks again for all you do... I am glad you started your company and seem to be doing great.

All the best wishes,
Melody and Jax

I have one happy pup!

"I have one happy pup who is excited every time she sees the bag of deliciousness! You have a customer for life!"

Kerry & Yeti - Lakeville, MN

high-value, healthy training treats

More Pawsitive Bark-outs!

Favorite Freeze Dried, Raw Bites!

"Our Rigby loves these treats so much that he ran off with the whole bag!"

Joan and Steve - Wimauma, FL

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Clean, Chewy Salmon Squares!

"Aria thinks the salmon treats are delicious, and I know they're so good for her!"

Avery - Brandon, FL

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Healthy, High-Value Training Treats!

"Our rescue dog Olive loves her treats and we LOVE the effort that went into such a clean product. WooF WooF to these tasty treats!! Thanks Chef Scot!"

Patrick - Lakeland, FL

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"Rocky loved the duck treats! We are teaching him to sit with them!"

Sydney - Cincinnati, OH


These treats are obviously made by a dog owner that cares about what they feed their own furry friend."

Alan - Grapevine, TX

My dogs love the treats!!"

Melody - Sylacauga, AL

I always take the duck treats on walks with my spoodle pup. They are the only! thing that keeps her attention when squirrels taunt her!  Puppy training is possible with these freeze-dried bits!"

Lisa - Seattle, WA
just, wow!
she devours her food now!

Emma loves her fish oil. She usually grazes and waits for us to eat in order to finish her food. With the oil she devours it in one sitting, and... This dog never eats her food at all when we go camping. She always waits for us to give her something else. Just, Wow!

Thank you so much!

Kasey and Emma from Safety Harbor, Florida