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Boo Boo Balm | dog balm for paws + body

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Boo Boo Balm is a moisturizing, healing, anti-microbial dog balm for cracked paws, hot spots, minor cuts, dry skin and even helps protect paws from hot pavement or salt & ice, acting as a thick yet absorbent barrier. This all-natural lick-safe dog balm for paws and body also helps provide a protective and healing barrier against the elements and environmental toxins while giving off cooling and relaxing vanilla mint aroma. This regenerative and vegan blend of natural plant butter, organic waxes, and essential oils is designed to protect and soothe your fur baby's paws, minor cuts, itchy skin, and hot spots.

The gentle cooling vanilla mint aroma will soothe and relax your sweet fur baby so that the healing can begin. 

Note: If hot spots, itchy skin, raw paws, and other presentations of possible chronic allergies or auto immune issues are keeping your fur kid in constant discomfort, look at our whole food prevention + remedy powdered meal topper for allergies and immunity issues. Essential Immunity + Allergy Topper has been pivotal in restoring skin health+ while enhancing dogs' total wellness, and even replacing costly medications for many fur kids!

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