Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs

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Essential Immunity + Allergy Support is designed to bolster/repair the immune system via the gut, kidney & liver, endocrine and circulatory systems, reducing or eliminating autoimmune and allergy reactions such as raw skin, hot spots, hives, ear infections, itching & shedding issues, coughing, sneezing, tear stains, etc. Our unique blend of premium, natural, wholly bioavailable (+aromatic & flavorful!) ingredients offer real prevention + remedy for your dog's whole wellness.

  • Kelp - Reduces inflammation and itching. About 70% of a dog's immune system resides in the gut; kelp contributes to a strong immune response and defends against negative stomach bacteria.
  • New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels - A rich source of vitamins C and E, antioxidants, ETA Omega-3, and vital minerals such as copper, zinc, and selenium for a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Functional Mushroom Blend - Super-boosts the immune system, digestive and liver function, and regulates histamine response.
  • Noni Fruit - Contains powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that bolster the immune system throughout the body.
  • Bovine Colostrum - Research shows first milk of grass-fed cow, rich in proline-rich-polypeptide (PRP), relieves allergy symptoms and autoimmune diseases.

Pup Parents will simply add powder to 1 meal/day; it can be added to wet or dry dog food. There are 100+ scoops per tin; Dosage is based on dog's weight. 

  • Use Full dose for Remedy: Use Half dose for Prevention.
  • You can mix powder w/filtered water or sodium-free broth to make delicious gravy, or even add to clean-ingredient peanut butter on a lick mat! Woof Creek's pups, Lily & Layla, like their toppers as-is, but every pup is different!
  • Start w/half of daily dose and gradually increase over 3+ days for any new nutritional.



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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 23 reviews
      Sarah Bunnell (Tampa, US)

      I have a Cane Corso with a ton of allergies, diarrhea, shedding, dry skin, etc. He was getting hives every other day and we were at a loss trying to figure out what was causing them. Our trainer recommended this stuff and we put 3 scoops in his food morning and night and LET ME TELL YA.. this stuff has been a life saver. He no longer gets hives, has normal stool, barely even sheds, and looks as healthy as ever. Can’t recommend this stuff enough!!

      sherry kelly (Winter Haven, US)
      It’s Simple, The product works.

      We used the immunity allergy support. It absolutely works. We have two dogs a Bull Mastiff named Titus and he always has ear drainage, this product stops that. We also have a Black Lab Mix that is prone to itching a lot, and this is product has stopped her itching to almost never. I would highly recommend this product, because it is simple “It Works”.

      I’m a believer!

      Allergy support is a true game changer. After having tried 5 different foods, special shampoos, meds and such I had to try something new that would hopefully work (I was desperate) and finally found something that finally eliminated the constant scratching, red skin on the belly, nose and ears. No more licking of the paws. Finally. Thank you!!!!!

      Dorie Voecks
      Allergy support

      I was a little skeptical this natural supplement would be as good as the cytopoint injections she was getting for allergies but I couldn’t believe how well this worked. We stopped the cytopoint and use the allergy supplement and see amazing results. Highly recommend!

      Traci Staton
      So helping!

      I ordered this as my little pup has been dealing with horrible allergies. I could tell a big difference within a week of using this on her food. I will use this product forever! Also, she loves it, so that's a bonus!

      Bernice Franklin
      Helped clear up his hot spots without medication!

      Helped clear up his hot spots without medication! We have been using this along with the Salmon and Anchovy oils. Hucks skin looks 100% better and his energy levels are at all-time high. Would recommend these products for joint and skin care. Thanks for these great products! Bernice Franklin

      Brianna D
      Game changer

      My dogs would get skin allergies to the extent of having to get allergy shots. I have not had to do that in the past year+ since I started them on the immunity topper. We discovered y’all at a market and we couldn’t be more thankful. We love that we have gotten our pups off all meds and found a natural route that has truly worked! Thank you guys for all you do.

      Emily Owens
      Where have y’all been all my dog’s life?!

      My dog Gatsby has had skin allergies for the better part of the last three years. We took him to Banfield hospital multiple times, and they cannot figure out what was wrong. We came to the conclusion that it was environmental allergies and they prescribed a medication for him that we were giving him every day called apoquel. The medication seemed to work for the most part. It was mainly hit or miss and did not get to the root cause long term. It was more like a temporary fix as long as he was taking the medication. We discovered you guys at a market sometime in the summer of 2021 in Saint Pete, and have been using this product for him since then, without the apoquel. Needless to say, it has worked wonders for him! His skin rashes and breakouts have been gone completely, and have not returned ever since using this product. We are so grateful for everything that you guys are doing, and definitely keep up the work! We need more people like Scott and Lisa, you guys are a godsend!

      Thrilled to know your Gatsby is better and comfortable and thriving! It is why we do what we do! And, Great Pup Parenting, Mama! What a roller coaster you've been on! We're always here for ya (and new great stuff like all-natural Flea + Tick Defense and canine specific Gut + Digestion Topper are here!) Woofs always! Lisa + Scot

      Helps my girls allergies!

      I came across this company at the farmers market. I was skeptical at first as my girl has both food and environmental allergies. She has been on Apoquel for about 1 year now. I have had my girl on this supplement for 2 months and I dont need to give Apoquel anymore pretty much! When I ran out of this stuff for 3 days, she developed an ear infection so I know it is helping!

      I wish we found this sooner!

      We've spent thousands of dollars over the years on allergy treatments for my Husky, both at the vet and at holistic pet stores. Nothing seemed to actually work until we started him on the Allergy + Immunity support meal topper. His tear stains are almost gone, his coat looks great, and he doesn't mercilessly scratch his elbows anymore. I'll be a lifetime customer for as long as we have pups!

      We are so happy you found us when you did! Thank you so much for trusting Woof Creek as part of your BFFs daily wellness routine! - Chef Scot