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Prevention + Remedy: Holistic Wellness for more tail wagging years™
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add healthier years, improve health span
sourced and handmade in Tampa Bay USA
Canine Wellness, Naturally
For More Tail Wagging Years™

Woof Creek creates clean, wholly bioavailable, essential meal toppers, snacks, training treats, and healing balms, all designed to naturally support your dog’s daily wellness and healthspan.

Our products are formulated and crafted by Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist, Chef Scot Hill. Chef Hill sources the highest quality, organic ingredients scientifically tested to ensure canine-appropriate nutrition (and irresistibility!) With crucial super foods, functional mushrooms, and pivotal novel proteins, Chef’s approach is completely natural, with the single purpose of helping you regain and maintain your fur baby’s health and wellness. 

Vet Clinic offers Woof Creek Toppers

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Integrative Veterinarian Now Offers Woof Creek

Our pivotal, whole food prevention + remedy powdered meal toppers are now offered at The Heights Veterinarian Clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida!

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Made in Tampa Bay, USA
As Seen on "Made in Tampa Bay"

Woof Creek Dog Wellness Chief Tasting Officer Lily Lou and her Dog Dad, Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist, Chef SCot Hill, give Fox13 News "Made in Tampa Bay" an inside look into Woof Creek's Production Kitchen and HQ!

limited ingredient dog meal toppers and natural dog treats with the highest quality dog treats ingredients for canine wellness. hiking with dogs.

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Natural Ingredients

Novel, clean proteins like duck & rabbit organs; mineral-rich wild caught salmon, pork, bison. Nutrient-dense superfoods like noni, kelp & alfalfa. Medicinal mushrooms like chaga & turkey tail. Prevention, remedy, wellness.

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how it happened
Chef & Lily Start a Dog Wellness Business

His restaurant had just closed its doors due to CoVid-19: For a chef, the lack of his loyal clientele, his kitchen staff, and his creative outlet, made him absolutely stir crazy.