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Salmon + Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil | 16floz for Dogs + Cats
Nora Armbruster (Temecula, California, United States)
My dog loves his Salmon!

This is a great way to make sure your pooch is getting his omegas! The only caveat is that it can get a little messy if you’re pouring directly out of the bottle, but cleanup is easy. Bowie loves it on top of his fresh or dehydrated food!

Too soon to tell but I expect great things!

This company provides quality products that bring peace of mind to me in keeping my pet healthy and safe. I have only been using the flea and tick defense powder for a month and it’s early in the season…but so far so good! I combine it with the flea and tick spray when hiking, I will provide an update later in coming months.

so far, so good

We've been using Flea + Tick defense for just about 3 weeks now. It is early in the season for us in North Alabama, but the ticks are certainly out. Treated the yard and spray our pup for every outing/hike, no fleas or ticks as of yet. Very pleased to remove Rx completely.

Natural Duck Bites w/Rabbit + Blueberries | 300-Treat 3oz Pouch for Dogs + Cats
Leah Brackett (Chepachet, Rhode Island, United States)

one of my dogs has severe allergies, and she has ZERO issues with these treats and SHE LOVES THEM

Stress Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs
Adrienne Hardy (Durham, North Carolina, United States)
Game changed

I give this to my old girl before bedtime (I work overnights so she is alone all night) and I was so worried she would be anxious with me gone but it's helped her be calm and collected! Thank you!!!

EXTRA Wooden Spoon for Measurement of All Natural Health Supplements
Debbie Maiola (Spencerport, New York, United States)
Great company!!!

I love the customer service and products at Woof creek! I didn’t receive the spoon with my original order and they sent one to me free of charge! I’ve just ordered my refill for the flea and tick powder which works great! I do see ticks get on my white dog, but haven’t had any of them attach which is awesome! Thank you Woof Creek!

Large Value Refill Pouch | Hip + Joint Support
Bernice Franklin (Brandon, Florida, United States)
Love Toppers

Our Huck is 108# lab and definitely benefits from the hip and joint topper. He has been on it since he was about a year old and is now 4. He walks with us 3.5-4 miles a day and still is ready to go out and play after. Vet says his joints are in great shape considering he is a big boned boy.

I’m stumped

TJ would not accept either treat and the Immunity Support and the Flea and tick product caused him to turn his head and walk away. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at enticing him to take and/or eat something he isn’t sure of. Absolutely nothing worked. It was a sad experience. I’d had such hopes.

Hi there, Charli,
Thanks so much for your feedback and for being a stellar Pet Parent, trying the natural route!
And, as pet parents ourselves, and thousands of pets benefiting from Mother Nature's pivotal ingredients like those found in our toppers, treats and supplements, getting our fur kiddos to consume the wonderful adaptogenic us key, so we recommend the following per our product pages:
Many pet guardians mix powder w/filtered water, sodium-free broth, or Omega-3 oil to make a delicious gravy, or even mix with an egg, Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat's milk or clean-ingredient peanut butter! (Woof Creek's own pups have their powder blends on their meals as-is, but every pup is different!)
Daily measurement can be given at once, split over a day’s meals, or as separate ‘snack’ – for pickier pups, mix with liquid and give with a plastic oral syringe.
99% of our pet clients truly love Chef Scot's intentionally irresistible blends, like the meaty umami of the different functional mushrooms, and the pure scent and flavor of the superfoods and novel proteins, which are active-only (meaning no synthetics, binders, fillers, flavors, etc.)

But for the few, like your sweet TJ, that have certain preferences (or sometimes isn't partial to the food our toppers are being added to, like ultra-processed dry foods, etc.) the above mentioned plastic oral syringe may be the way to go: Just mix the powdered blend with filtered water, suck it into the syringe, and, standing behind your kiddo, place and inject it at the side of his mouth, between the molars has been how I have found it easiest.

We want to always get you and your TJ to the goal result, improved and maintained wellness and wagging tails! Please email us directly at to discuss further so we get there!

Your Woof Creek Care Team

Natural Flea + Tick Defense Bundle | Supplement + Spray for Dogs
Dianna Murphy (Lincoln, California, United States)
Spray works ok

The spray works ok but you have to apply every day at least. It smells nice and doesn’t stink like some do. The food additive made my dog very ill the first I put it in his food. He was throwing up and had diarrhea overnight. I almost took him to the vet but he finally began taking water and shortly after ate a bit of food.

Flea + Tick Defense Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save
Lois (Medford, Massachusetts, United States)
Great Company

I live in New England which is Tick central in the warmer months. I Haven't used traditional flea and tick prevention on my pets for years. The company I was getting a natural flea and tick prevention from went out of business, so I decided to try Wolf Creek. I started my dog Onna half doesage in January and bumped her up to a full dose in March. I am planning on ordering the spray as well.

Natural Flea + Tick Defense Bundle | Supplement + Spray for Dogs
Kathy G (Sussex, New Jersey, United States)
Natural Flea+ Tick Defense Bundle

I use the mushroom mixes from Woof Creek already so this was a good addition for the spring/summer. This does not have an excessive amount of the garlic like so many others so my dog will eat this with no problems. The spray has a pleasant smell and so far I have had no fleas or ticks on my dog. I would recommend giving this a try.

Hip + Joint Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats
Michelle Miller (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States)

I purchased this topper for our senior dog. She seems to love the taste and I know she’s getting the joint support she needs. Thanks!

Immune System Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe & Save
Rhonda Morrison (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Great product!

My 5 yr old mini goldendoodle has lots of allergies. This product seems to help her body manage these!

Flea + Tick Defense Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats
Merianne Ungaro (Wayne, New Jersey, United States)
Flea and tick

Just started using this and was happy to find it due to my previous product could cause seizures.

Natural Flea + Tick Defense Bundle | Supplement + Spray for Dogs
Debbie Maiola (Henrietta, New York, United States)
Great product

So far, the powder and spray flea protection seem to be working great. I am so happy that I don’t have to use chemicals on my baby and customer service. Here has been awesome! I am so happy to have found your company. Thank you!

Allergy Support

My dog was having issues with his paws and licking them every time he came in from outside. I add the allergy support powder along with some of the others to his food and it seems to be helping. Very happy with the product.

Flea and Tick Defense

I have been using this in addition to some other natural products for prevention of fleas and it seems to help. I home cook for my baby and add this as a topper to his food.

Gut Health Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs
Annamaria (Fremont, California, United States)
Gut Health Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs

I have been using this for almost a year for my dog. He has megasaesophagus and needs to eat sitting up. I needed something for his stomach and it has really helped.

Picky Poodle Approved

I was a little concerned that even though the ingredients are amazing, my poodle might not eat it. However, he has been eating it mixed into his raw food with no complaints. It doesn’t smell as strong as I expected. I bought it ahead of flea and tick season so it has time to build up in his system. So far I am happy with the ingredients and how they are functioning.

Much Better

I was so pleasantly surprised how well my Havanese is feeling. He bit his paws continuously till they were brownish black. Now after taking Immunotherapy and Allergy supplements his paws are white again. He has almost totally stopped biting them.

Well needed product!

It works


My dog loves these. Perfect size for training treats and a large amount.

Gut Health Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe & Save
Beth Sperber (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Terrific Product

My Havanese has gained some well needed weight. He seems more playful

Seems to be helping

Watson has allergies that even Cytopoint injections do not totally relieve. The allergy support from Woofcreek seems to be helping add a bit more relief.

Stress Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs
Yuri (Tampa, Florida, United States)
More Confident Pup!

My almost 2 year old border collie mix, Mari, started showing a lot of fear and anxiety about going outside when it was dark out. I have an inconsistent schedule and need to take her out in the dark on a regular basis. We started using the Stress & Anxiety supplement and by the end of our first container I saw a noticeable difference! She wasn’t fighting me to not go out in the dark and if there was a startling noise she would look to me for reassurance but would NOT pull to go back home. We have currently found a happy maintenance amount that she continues to have with her food. I am so happy that she’s no longer showing signs of anxiety when going out at night or when there are startling noises.