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I have always disliked traditional flea and tick meds and our dogs had not been on anything for awhile. Then we found our first ticks... We love to go hiking and be in the woods so I searched and found this product. We've been using Flea and Tick Defense (along with the matching spray) for over a year now and I cannot say enough good things about it!! Our dogs are protected and I don't have to worry about horrible chemicals in their systems.

All-Natural Flea + Tick Repel + Protect Spray for Dogs | 4FLOZ
John Patula (El Cajon, California, United States)
I waited three months--to review Woof Creek Flea + tick and Flea defense spray.

I hope that this honest review of Woof Creek Flea + Tick powder and Flea + Tick Defense spray, will help a few pup owners who are completely distressed by fleas, as we were. We live in a warm climate & became infested with fleas very quickly! We have a five year old, English Cocker Spaniel. We had also brought home a 12 week old Springer Spaniel who was highly allergic to fleas. Our new pup started losing his fur due to flea allergies. I searched out, and also purchased MANY, MANY holistic flea products. I even made my own organic flea repel sprays from "proven" recipes. "Nothing" helped us! The fleas continued to grow in number, and my pups became more miserable! I found myself hand picking fleas several times daily, and I was becoming quite frustrated. My process: I decided on ONE single dose of the "nasty" chemical laden Advantage product, as a means to rid my home and dogs of the flea infestation. (Search: Dr Judy Morgan for the "top five" chemical flea products-- to avoid using, at all cost). I chose one single dose of Advantage for each dog that was "JUST UNDER" their actual size and weight. This smaller dose ( for each dog ) did kill the fleas on the dogs and inside of my home for three weeks. During the third week, I started my dogs on a more holistic process of using the Woof Creek Flea + Tick Defense powder in my dogs morning meals each day. I also sprayed the backs of my dogs legs with Woof Creek's Flea + Tick Defense, before our morning & evening walks. I started ( and am still using ) the Tickless flea tags as well ( I do not know if they work ). I also ordered a pet vacuum, as an aid to rid my dogs of fleas after walks. We were then able to gain control over the fleas!!! We ( and the dogs ) began to relax over the past three + months. In time, my Spaniel's fur began to grow back ( three months later, he once again, has a beautiful full coat ). I should mention that our walks are no longer in areas where there are as many fleas ( do your research on where fleas like to hang out ). As of late, I started giving Flea + Tick powder in the food every other day ( as I am still a bit hesitant about giving my dogs Neem each day ). We were still doing well--ish against the fleas, but more recently, I have slacked off on adding the the powder to my dogs food even more, and had also run out of my Flea + Tick defense spray. . . I am now noticing that the fleas are quite rapidly increasing in number. I just placed my second order for the flea + Tick powder, and also the Flea defense spray with Woof Creek. I am very thankful that these flea products were developed by Woof Creek!! This being said---I found that the powder product took quite a while to fully kick in, at least three weeks, so give it plenty of time to work for your dog.
I am also finding that even when given each day, the Woof Creek products do not keep ALL fleas off of "my" dogs. We still come home with none to a few fleas, on both dogs after walks. I use my Amazon, 89.00 "Home run pet vacuum" after each walk, to flush out any fleas, onto my dogs belly area. From there, I can easily pick them off & deposit them directly into the vacuum hose.
Note: we only used the "Advantage" product one time---three months ago, in effort to rid our home and dogs of the flea infestation. Since this time, I have used the above, Holistic process for my pups. To anyone reading this, you can do it!! You "can" get a handle on your dogs fleas without the monthly chemical doses, that could greatly harm or even kill your pet. Good luck with your own process!! My family owes a huge thank you, and shout out to Woof Creek! Woof, Woof, Thank you so very much for your flea products!!!

Flea and tick prevention

I have been using this product for a few months now and although we have pulled off a few ticks it is no where near what it could be without using anything. We feel that this works wonders for her and we feel much better knowing we are not giving her harmful chemicals.

Large Value Refill Pouch | Flea + Tick Defense Support
Lindsay Gottschalk (Rochester, Minnesota, United States)
Great natural alternative for flea and tick prevention

I have been using this product for a few months. Although we have pulled off a couple of ticks, it is nowhere near what it could be without using anything. We live in a highly infested tick area, so it is unrealistic to say that they will not get any ticks on them. If I am diligent with the spray and the powder it works wonders. I feel better knowing I am not giving my dogs harmful chemicals.

Stress Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats
Caroline Milne (Miami, Florida, United States)
Stress Free

My rescue came from an abuse household. I have had her for about two years and we are slowly rebuilding trust and confidence. I have been using their product for anxiety for about two weeks now. I have been topping Harleys food with it and I definitely notice a difference. She is more calm, sleeping more because she is relaxing better and it's helping her confidence. Thank you, I love to see my baby drift right to sleep anywhere with her little baby tongue stuck out. 🥰

I immediately starting using this for my boy but he’s still itching. I have become a mini supplement store at this point. I’m going to keep using it in hopes it eventually gives him relief but I have tried everything. He doesn’t eat kibble. Cessorex, quercetin, mushrooms, multiple baths with 4legged shampoo, CBD topical & Ease from cbd dog health. Ginger root. Turmeric. Coconut oil. I am at a loss here.

Immunity & Allergy Support meal topper is working for my 12 year old

My dog needed a monthly Cytopoint shop to reduce itching/scratching. Thanks to Woof Creek's Immunity & Allergy Support meal topper the Cytopoint shot is not necessary every month.

Hip + Joint Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats
Karin Henderson (Novato, California, United States)
So far so good.

It's too early to tell the real results of the supplement for our dog. She is tolerating the dosage she is currently taking which is the 4-spoon dosage. I'm positive it will her stiffness. It's only been a few weeks. I will give an update on her in the future.

Hip + Joint Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save
Jodi Gorgas (Sioux City, Iowa, United States)
Didn’t work for my dog

The flea n tick did not work for my dog. Was on it almost 2 months. I had several live ticks attached to my dog so far this summer

Large Value Refill Pouch | Immune System Support
Meghan Green (Clarkston, Michigan, United States)

We’ve been inconsistent so it’s hard to tell if it’s working. I’m praying it does cuz he has some horrible allergies. One thing I did notice is his horrible eye goobs are gone.

Large Value Refill Pouch | Flea + Tick Defense Support
MJ (Verona, Wisconsin, United States)
I believe in this product. I hope it keeps working.

Just ran out of my last batch today and upon opening the new one, this bag did not smell of garlic as much as my last two orders. I hope it works as well. I guess we’ll see.

Stress Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats
G.I. (New Port Richey, Florida, United States)
Gave it try

Hi, i gave Essential stress and immunity to my little pup and it has done wonders

Yummy treats

Great yummy little wholesome treats in my tummy, as our Bellaboo would say😁 We feel good giving nothing but the best treats/food to our furbaby!

Balanced Dog Bundle | 5 All-Natural Superfood Blends
Melanie Strubble (Quincy, Florida, United States)
So Far, So Good❣️ 🐺

WoofCreek Folks ARE AWESOME ❣️🤘✌️😘🐺

Large Value Refill Pouch | Flea + Tick Defense Support
Laura (Yellville, Arkansas, United States)
So Far No Pests

We live in Arkansas so flea & tick season starts early. I saw a tick on my dog. I had just started our new ‘holistic flea & tick regimen.’ Not using those poison’s from our Vets offices anymore. It’s been a month now and using this supplement along with a natural flea & tick collar and diatomaceous earth in yard, we haven’t had any pest sightings!! Will continue to use on my 3 dogs. They don’t seem to mind it sprinkled ontop of their kibble.

So far, so good

So far, we haven't seen any fleas or ticks. In addition to the topper, I also have "repellant" plants" placed around my home. I absolutely LOVE that this is an all natural powder without any questionable additives. Thank you, Dr. Judy Morgan, for the recommendation. Since we are just now getting into the summer weather here, I am eager to see how it continues to work.

Flea + Tick Defense Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats
Elvira Walker (Huntington Beach, California, United States)
Editing my previous review

I previously gave a 5 star rating as this product seemed to be working to ward off fleas but unfortunately this did not last even with the combo of powder and spray. I was hoping to rely on this regimen and not have to give my fur baby chemicals for flea protection but this is not the case. She ended up with a terrible flea infestation and flea dermatitis so we are back to square one. Like how her coat is soft but stopped working with any benefit after 1 month. So sad...

Large 16FLOZ Refill of Flea + Tick All-Natural Spray for Dogs
Irene Marshall (Monmouth, Maine, United States)
Love this spray!

It is easy to apply and smells great! I’m waiting to see if any ticks or fleas appear, so far I’m happy!


Hands down one of our pup's favorite treats! Thank you Woof Creek for making high quality delicious treats for our boy! 😍

Easy Pour Stainless Steel Spout for Omega-3 Oil Glass Bottles
Nora Armbruster (Temecula, California, United States)
Great spout!

This spout is so helpful for the fish oil, easy pour, no mess!

Large Value Refill Pouch | Gut Health Support
Jessica Herrmann (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States)
Skins sensitivity under control

My boy Clark was having some environmental allergies with redness and bumps on his underbelly for years and nothing seemed to help. He started getting really itchy this February/march (he is new to Florida grass) had a lot of hot spots all the sudden that were raw. Within weeks of starting him on woof creeks gut and allergy/immune powders he was feeling so much better! We couldn’t be happier with the results!!

Flea + Tick Defense Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe and Save
Darlene (Portsmouth, Virginia, United States)

The flea and tick defense support powder seems to work well in my dog's system to deter those pests. This is a good product with good ingredients.

Gut Health Support Refill Pouch | Subscribe & Save
Alana B (Tampa, Florida, United States)
Love the gut support - works amazing

I give a half scoop to my two Frenchies every day and it 100% keeps them regular! I can tell a difference in their #2 habits if I don't give it to them for whatever reason. Very much a staple in our household.