Large 16FLOZ Refill of Flea + Tick All-Natural Spray for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Large 16FLOZ Refill of Flea + Tick All-Natural Spray for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Large 16FLOZ Refill of Flea + Tick All-Natural Spray for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness

Large 16FLOZ Refill of Flea + Tick All-Natural Spray for Dogs

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Large Value 16 FL OZ Refill Bottle for our 4 FL OZ Flea + Tick Defense Extra Protection Spray to pour into the 4 FL OZ spray bottle which naturally repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos + more (with a 5% savings!) 

This all-natural organic topical spray offers extra protection when pup is outdoors for longer stints and in higher-risk surroundings. Recommended to use in conjunction with our all natural Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper of superfoods and medicinal mushrooms. Together, they are helping parents reduce or eliminate the use of harmful toxins (pesticides) of a synthetic consumable monthly flea + tick regimen or collar. Our unique blend of powerful, premium, natural ingredients offers real prevention support for your dog.


  • Cold-Pressed Organic Neem Oil (2.5%)

  • Organic Essential Oil Blend (1%) includes:

  • Organic Lemongrass
    Organic Peppermint
    Organic Lavender
    Organic Geranium
    Organic Eucalyptus
  • OTHER INGREDIENTS (96.5%): Water, Natural Castille Soap (Water, Potassium Oleate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerin, Potassium Citrate, Citric Acid), Xanthan Gum.

This all natural product is environmentally friendly. Using selectively sourced, clean ingredients while reducing the production and use of pesticides. The Glass Spray Bottle was chosen for further eco-consciousness. Handmade by Canine Nutrition Specialist, Chef Scot Hill, who formulated his integrative veterinarian-informed blend with the lightest, easiest scent for puppers' noses while maintaining the necessary strong repellant aroma to effectively repel those pests we want our pups protected from. 

Directions for Use: Shake before each use. Spray your pet's coat until slightly damp or apply to your hands or a cloth and massage/wipe pet's coat, head, legs, belly, and tail. Apply before outdoor hikes and longer outings: Extra precaution/companion to Woof Creek's Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper. (Do not apply to pets under 12 weeks old. Store in a cool dry place. Avoid eyes & mouth. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.)

This Large Value 16 FL OZ bottle is to pour into the 4 FL OZ spray bottle. NO SPRAY TOP INCLUDED.

Watch and Hear more about this all natural repellant spray as detailed on Tampa Bay's Channel 10 Great Day Live!

Tampa Bay's Channel 10 spotlight Woof Creek's natural Flea + Tick Repellant Spray

*Also add the following to your natural flea + tick regimen for greater success in the fight against these pests biting your fur babies:

  • Our natural Flea + Tick Defense Spray offers cleaner, standard protection during flea + tick season.
  • Take Only Natural Pet, has all natural, wearable collars and tags designed to deter insects (Woof Creek has heard of/not tried these.)
  • White breathable cotton t- shirt (untreated), like a Hane's under shirt. The white allows for tick sightings and less heat exposure for pup, and the barrier literally disallows ticks' ability to attach (and reduces mosquito bites and flea burrowing.)
  • Other chemical free wearables like Full face Mesh Covers and Hoods (Woof Creek has heard of/but not tried these.)
  • New, biodegradable Repeltek-treated insect repellant dog shirt from Finland with Repeltek technology (Woof Creek has heard of/but not tried these.)
  • Treat the perimeter of your home and yard with food-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE).
  • Use Beneficial Nematodes for the yard for fleas, ticks and mosquitos+++
  • Bat houses.
  • Mosquitofish (search local government programs) if you live on/near artificial bodies of water.
  • Guinea fowl or chickens for tick control, etc.
  • Practice proactive management and exposure adjustments per season and time of day (ie shorten walks during dawn and dusk when mosquitos are most active; limit roaming perimeter for larger properties during high tick season; plan hikes and trail walks with flea and tick activity mindfully, etc.)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Irene Marshall (Monmouth, Maine, United States)
    Love this spray!

    It is easy to apply and smells great! I’m waiting to see if any ticks or fleas appear, so far I’m happy!