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This ingestible superfood + functional mushroom powder blend helps repel fleas, ticks, mosquitos and more, while also promoting skin health. Mix with filtered water or omega-3 oil for an easy (and delicious) snack or add to meal time daily. Woof Creek's all-natural blend can help reduce or eliminate chemical preventatives, enhancing your fur baby's "health bucket" and reduce their chemical load for overall wellness and healthspan.

Comes in reusable tin with wooden scoop (1/4 tsp) and a magnetic scoop holder, then take advantage of our eco-friendly, discounted single-sized or large, triple-sized eco-refill pouch program. So, SAVE YOUR TINS!



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Natural Defense: Repel Fleas & Ticks While Helping to Enhance Your Pet's Skin Health

Introducing All-Natural Flea + Tick Defense Support, a natural solution that not only deters fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and more, but also fosters optimal skin health, aids in wound healing, and alleviates discomfort from dry, itchy skin. This innovative formula enhances the well-being of your pet's skin and coat while significantly reducing or even eliminating the need for synthetic monthly flea and tick regimens or collars, which often contain potentially harmful pesticides.

For added precaution during prolonged outdoor activities in high-risk areas, also consider our natural repel + protect spray. Our exceptional blend of premium, wholly bioavailable, aromatic, and flavorful ingredients provides comprehensive proactive support for your cherished canine companions (as well as feline fur babies!)

Woof Creek's own Fur Grrls (shown to the left) have been *using our all-natural Flea+ Tick Defense Support consumable powder in a chemical-free yard since February 2022 with wonderful success, reducing their chemical load exponentially, and now thousands across the USA + Canada enjoy all-natural protection with Woof Creek's Topper + Spray.

(*with a separate heartworm preventative - read here for integrative veterinary guided options + other natural resources.)

Directions For Daily Use

Follow the  Measurement Chart per your pet's weight. 

1-12 lbs/0-5.5 kgs:

1/2 Scoop

1/8 tsp

200 days to reorder

13-25 lbs/6-11 kgs:

1 Scoop

1/4 tsp

100 days to reorder

26-50 lbs/12-23 kgs:

2 Scoop

1/2 tsp

50 days to reorder

51-75 lbs/24-34 kgs:

3 Scoop

3/4 tsp

33 days to reorder

Over 76 lbs/35 kgs:

4 Scoop

1 tsp

25 days to reorder

Use full measurement for Flea + Tick Season: Use half measurement in the Off-Season.

  • Adjust daily measurement to your pet's specific weight per chart.

  • Tin has 115 scoops/75g per tin.

  • Many pet guardians mix powder w/filtered water, sodium-free broth, or Omega-3 oil to make a delicious gravy, or even mix with an egg, Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat's milk or clean-ingredient peanut butter! (Woof Creek's own pups have their powder blends on their meals as-is, but every pup is different!)

  • Daily measurement can be given at once, split over a day’s meals, or as separate ‘snack’ – for pickier pups, mix with liquid and give with a plastic oral syringe.

  • Start w/quarter of daily measurement and gradually increase over 3-5 days until full measurement is reached. Sensitive digestive systems, titrate for longer.

  • Included: wooden measurement scoop (1/4tsp) inside tin + magnetic scoop holder for Pet Parent's convenience.

  • Safe for dogs (and cats!) aged 5mo+.

  • Good for 2 yrs after opening.

  • With pest-repellant properties (and skin health support), this powder blend will help repel within 3-7 days as the scent exudes from the skin. It does not kill pests: active flea infestations require other tools and steps. Results may vary and multiple variables are involved in balanced pet health (ie ultra processed diets, stress, environmental toxins, chemical load, etc.) Contact us for a free e-consult at 45 days if goal not yet achieved: Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist/Founder Chef Scot Hill will connect you with integrative options & guidance. Also, see our Blog Articles for more important vet-guided protocols and information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our toppers are designed to be irresistible and scent-astic! 

The “meaty” umami aspect in the medicinal mushroom blends that are found in all our powdered toppers is very enticing to pups.

And the novel proteins and superfoods used in each of the different toppers also possess intentional smell and taste attractors to dogs (and cats!) For example, the aromatic Argentinian pork liver in the Essential Stress + Anxiety Support, and the seafood scent of the Pacific Whiting and NZ Green Lipped Mussel in the Essential Hip + Joint Support are ultra-enticing to dogs. Each powdered topper has multiple ingredients specifically enticing to dogs.

If your dog only likes his/her meal as-is, give the superfood supplement as a *gravy or mixed into another favorite food separate from mealtime as a snack.

*For a gravy we suggest mixing the powder with *filtered water, sodium-free beef or chicken broth, or egg, cooked or raw. Even mixing with all-natural peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat’s milk or other healthy favorite mix-in will work great.

Because these nutrients are so pivotal and important, we encourage pawrents to get the superfood powder into their fur baby: We purposely keep our nutritional whole food supplements in unprocessed powder form (as opposed to a chew or a treat) as to avoid fillers, sugars, binders, preservatives… this is the cleanest, purest nutritional prevention + remedy functional supplement available.

Our powdered Essential Flea + Tick Defense Topper naturally repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, etc. but it is not a Heartworm preventative.

Seek the guidance of your integrative/proactive/holistic veterinary care provider for a Heartworm preventative: Parental Research is also always recommended. One helpful resource is integrative Veterinarian, Dr. Katie Woodley “The Natural Pet Doctor” regarding Heartworm Prevention options: 

Our powdered Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper naturally repels fleas, ticks, mosquitos, etc. 

The area in which you live, the flea + tick season/time of year, your pet's diet and immune system strenth, as well as the general flea and tick risk-level your pet encounters beyond the standard domesticated pet lifestyle, and, most importantly, the advice of your integrative/proactive/holistic veterinary care provider coupled with your research into the topic, should inform your decision whether to use Woof Creek’s Flea + Tick Defense in conjunction-with or as replacement-for a synthetic flea + tick preventative (and a skin-health enhancer.)

Woof Creek’s own Fur Grrls have been without incident (off their monthly synthetic pill since February 2022) with the consistent use of our Flea + Tick Defense, the addition of an all-natural topical bug repellant spray for *extra precaution when on outdoor hikes and dog park visits during active flea + tick season (in Florida, which boasts a year-round flea season) and the guidance of our holistic veterinarian.

Again, consult your integrative/proactive/holistic veterinary care provider for guidance on this decision for your fur kiddo.

You can check your Flea Season here.

So, the general short answer: The Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper is safe to use all year round (as is needed where we live in Florida) but can be adjusted for seasonality, especially in snowy winter months.

We base the following, more detailed answer on a pup's time to digest from 4-10 hours (depending on diet type, etc.): The topper creating the skin's bug-repellant scent will take a day or so to exude through the skin. The topper also has skin health enhancing properties, which also takes some time to work. 

Those points said, we suggest that the topper can be used at half dose to maintain levels in their blood stream during stretches of time that you have the pup inside (other than short potty walks) and/or during cooler temperatures when flea and tick activity will undoubtedly be low to nil.

Yes, our Essential Flea + Tick Defense Meal Topper is safe for a 4-month-old puppy, in general; dozens of young pups are starting off clean and safely protected with our Essential Flea + Tick Defense topper. We remind you to adhere to the dosing chart which is based on pupper's weight and prorate the dosing tiers, ie a full scoop for 25#, half a scoop for 12#, etc. And, as always, if there are specifics with your pup like a recent or nearing spay/or neuter procedure, certain vaccines just gotten, or any other care and health matters specific to your fur kiddo, we always recommend seeking direct advice from your veterinarian. 

As pet parents, we arm ourselves with knowledge and inforamtion for our fur family.

Read this important and informative post by Woof Creek's own Halima Anderson.

Couldn't find the answer? Check more FAQ's here.

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Our products are formulated and crafted by Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist (& Devoted Dog Dad) Chef Scot Hill.

Chef Scot sources the highest quality, all-natural, human-grade ingredients, integrative veterinarian guided and tested to ensure science-based support for holistic wellness (and irresistibility!)

With crucial superfoods, adaptogens, functional mushrooms (fruiting body) and pivotal novel proteins, Chef's approach is completely natural, using only wholly bioavailable, active ingredients and zero synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, binders or fillers.

Chef's single purpose is to help you regain and/or maintain your fur baby's healthy balance and wellness naturally, for more tail wagging years®.

FREE Shipping on orders above $75

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Anne Nyktas (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)
Too soon to tell but I expect great things!

This company provides quality products that bring peace of mind to me in keeping my pet healthy and safe. I have only been using the flea and tick defense powder for a month and it’s early in the season…but so far so good! I combine it with the flea and tick spray when hiking, I will provide an update later in coming months.

Catherine (Huntsville, Alabama, United States)
so far, so good

We've been using Flea + Tick defense for just about 3 weeks now. It is early in the season for us in North Alabama, but the ticks are certainly out. Treated the yard and spray our pup for every outing/hike, no fleas or ticks as of yet. Very pleased to remove Rx completely.

Lois (Medford, Massachusetts, United States)
Great Company

I live in New England which is Tick central in the warmer months. I Haven't used traditional flea and tick prevention on my pets for years. The company I was getting a natural flea and tick prevention from went out of business, so I decided to try Wolf Creek. I started my dog Onna half doesage in January and bumped her up to a full dose in March. I am planning on ordering the spray as well.

Merianne Ungaro (Wayne, New Jersey, United States)
Flea and tick

Just started using this and was happy to find it due to my previous product could cause seizures.

Annamaria (Fremont, California, United States)
Flea and Tick Defense

I have been using this in addition to some other natural products for prevention of fleas and it seems to help. I home cook for my baby and add this as a topper to his food.

Madison (Columbia, Missouri, United States)
Picky Poodle Approved

I was a little concerned that even though the ingredients are amazing, my poodle might not eat it. However, he has been eating it mixed into his raw food with no complaints. It doesn’t smell as strong as I expected. I bought it ahead of flea and tick season so it has time to build up in his system. So far I am happy with the ingredients and how they are functioning.

Beth Sperber (Sarasota, Florida, United States)
Well needed product!

It works

Catherine Gallagher (Galena, Illinois, United States)

Really like the flea/tick product. Better ingredients that most. I pray it works!!!

Rita M (Rolesville, North Carolina, United States)
Care without chemicals

I took my pups, Holly & her daughter Zoey, off of Bravecto (Holly refused to take it, even smothered in peanut butter!) and add Woof Creek Flea & Tick Defense to their food every day. No fleas!

Jessica Miller (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)
Great product!

So far, so good! I purchased the large refill flea and tick powder and the immunity/allergy powder. My pooch stopped scratching himself and I haven’t found a flea. 🤞🏻 The real test will be spring and summer. I’m very hopeful, even living in NC. Also, customer service is excellent!