The Natural Path to Pet Pest Prevention and a Multitude of Tools

The Natural Path to Pet Pest Prevention and a Multitude of Tools

From the quiet, domesticated in-home lifestyle, to the high adventure, outdoor-loving fur kids, our four-legged family members can enjoy a pest-free existence, naturally.

Reducing the chemical load of our pets by seeking many of the available natural flea, tick, and mosquito deterrent and proactive tools is a huge step to increasing their healthspan. Going the cleaner, natural route does take more due diligence and may take a multitude of tools, especially if living in higher risk locales/properties. See these natural pest prevention tools for an ultimate natural tool box.

  • Flea comb/daily inspection of your pet's whole body, head to toe: Full body scans are important beyond pest checks.
  • Woof Creek's organic Flea + Tick Defense Spray offers extra protection for longer durations in higher risk environments (in a eco-friendly glass bottle; based on integrative veterinarian's formulation guidance.) Spray/topical options by companies like Kin&Kind and Wondercide offer different scents and blends, as well.
  • Take Only Natural Pet, has all natural, wearable collars and tags designed to deter insects (Woof Creek has heard of/not tried these.)
  • This amber collar may repel pests with its static electric charge, told to us by a Woof Creek pawrent (we have not tried this tool ourselves.)
  • Other chemical free wearables like Full face Mesh Covers and Hoods (Woof Creek has heard of/not tried these.)
  • New, biodegradable Repeltec-treated insect repellant dog shirt from Finland with Repeltec technology (Woof Creek has heard of/not tried these.)
  • White/light colored t-shirt/undershirt for hikes, walks, etc.
  • Treat the perimeter of your home and yard with food-grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE).  (DE will kill the beneficial nematodes that are listed next, so use DE only on the property perimeter to keep the nematode application alive and thriving.)
  • Use Beneficial Nematodes for the yard for fleas, ticks and mosquitos+++ (DE, shown above, will kill the nematodes, so use DE only on the property perimeter to keep the nematode application alive and thriving.)
  • Bat houses.
  • Mosquitofish (search local government programs) if you live on/near artificial bodies of water.
  • Guinea fowl or chickens for flea and tick control, etc.
  • Practice proactive management and exposure adjustments per season and time of day (ie shorten walks during dawn and dusk when mosquitos are most active; limit roaming perimeter for larger properties during high tick season; plan hikes and trail walks with flea and tick activity mindfully, etc.)
  • Boost total level of internal health with an upgraded diet which includes for our facultative carnivorous dogs and obligate carnivore cats the least processed, lowest carbohydrate, species-specific, complete and balanced clean ingredients/food to make for the least hospitable host to fleas, ticks, mosquitos+.
  • Improve/establish Gut Microbiome balance! Learn more here for guidance and actionable steps.
  • See Woof Creek's All-Natural Flea + Tick Defense Support Powder Blend to add to your pet(s)' meal regimen.

(For natural ways to eradicate a flea infestation, see this article.)

Summary: The natural path can be multi-leveled, but well worth it.

Please woof out below with other tools you've found for the natural tool box so our fellow pet parents can have even more options!

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