Large Value Refill Pouch | Immunity + Allergy Support - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Immunity + Allergy Support - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Immunity + Allergy Support

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This Essential Immunity + Allergy Support Refill Pouch will give your canine best friend three times the support (3-Tins' worth) of the regular Refill Pouch. It is biodegradable, convenient, and economical! Great for large dogs or for parents that want to stretch their dollars further! All of our core longevity meal toppers are good for two years from the purchase date, so load up!

7.94 ounces compared to 2.65 ounces of the regular size refill. Fills your original tin 3X and you save on shipping!

Refills do not come with scoops or feeding instructions, so... Purchase the Tin + Scoop FIRST, here!

If you already have the reusable Tin + Scoop, SUBSCRIBE & SAVE MORE $$$ on your Refill Pouches!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Gabby Nardone (Walden, New York, United States)

Customer service was so good this company is all love

Jessica Miller (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)
No more itchy pup!

We are on our second batch of the Immunity and Allergy meal topper, and have noticed a remarkable difference in Jasper’s scratching since we began using it. The product is not only wonderful, but the customer service is top notch and Lisa communicated with me like an old friend. I love this product and will recommend it to all of my friends who may need it.

marissa gessin (Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States)
Less Licking!

My pupper would lick his paws for what seemed like hours. He was on a daily allergy supplement, but clearly it wasn’t helping his allergies. I was worried his paws would get infected, they had starting turning red. I’ve switched to Woof Creek, and it’s been less than 3 weeks and there is a substantial difference! He’s rarely licking now, and his paws are their normal pink!

J.W. (Lakeland, Florida, United States)
Helped with skinn itching

It helped with my dogs skin allergies.

Dawn Howard (Redford, Michigan, United States)

Immunity + Allergy Support | Essential Meal Topper for Dogs

Halima Anderson (Tampa, Florida, United States)
An incredible product!

My dog has been using the Immunty + Allergy Support topper for over a year now. Her overall itching has decreased dramatically, her tear stains are gone and the areas where her skin was dry and flaking are now back to normal. We are so happy to have found Woof Creek and their amazing wellness products!

Amy (Houghton, Michigan, United States)
Caused vomiting

We have 2 pugs with skin issues, they are sisters. One does just fine on this supplement and the other vomits. (Didn’t happen at first. Took a week or so and then she was vomiting twice a day. Stopped the supplement and she was fine. Tried to restart a couple days later and after the first (half) dose she was vomiting again.)
We have other products we love from Woof Creek - might just be that our pug is a bit sensitive.
Give it a try - I trust this company.

Emily De Vizio (Tampa, Florida, United States)
No more “Frito Paws”!

We adopted a pup from the shelter a few months ago. We saw this product at a market festival and thought we’d give it a try. IT WORKS!!! Not only does he not have paws that smell like corn chips, but he has stopped itching and his skin and coat is perfect now. Will continue to keep him on maintenance use due to him being prone to skin allergies.

shelly roberts (Clearwater, Florida, United States)
Digestive Meal topper

Wonderful product. Helps my boxer not produce as much gas!!! Way more pleasurable to snuggle with!

Debra Hogan (The Villages, Florida, United States)
Severe environmental allergies

My mixed breed rescue developed severe allergies to the point she was scratching and biting herself raw. I took her to the vet for a Cytopoint shot which worked immediately although last 8-12 weeks. I started her on the WoofCreek allergy meal topper about a week after the shot. That was Mid Feb so I want to give this meal topper a few more months to see if it works for her. I will be back with my review but so far, so good!!