Dog Training Tips: teach my dog to sit!

Photo of a dog receiving natural duck dog treats during dog training tips and teach my dog to sit!

A Dog-Mom’s Practical, Positive, Bite-Sized Training Tips (for us everyday pooch parents...)

As my household’s unofficial dog trainer and official dog mom of 2 very active standard poodle puppies, I know how proper dog training ideals and theories can easily get lost in the day-to-day life of dog parenthood!

So, I will frequently bring to the pet people’s table some doable dog training tips and hacks for the health and wellbeing of our beloved fur-babies (and for our own peace of mind and sanity!)

Episode 1: Dog Training Tips:  teach my dog to sit! Your go-to, catch-all, always appropriate command, “Sit!". Good Boy. 

Ever get that frantic, out-of-control feeling when dealing with your pup’s misbehavior—jumping, barking, begging, mouthiness, what have you? Any dog behavior that causes frustration or chaos, especially when dealing with other folks or other dogs like walkers-by or house visitors, can be a bear to deal with. The fastest solution: *One assertive “sit.” enforced, if need be, by a firm downward push of the rump. 

Until your pooch learns what you expect from him or her in every situation, you can always resort to a quick, steadfast “sit” to take control of the present scenario at hand, assert your alpha status which keeps everyone, especially your pup, calm and safe.

We are not dog trainers; we are dog parents with practiced and proven dog training tips. And life is full of all the unexpected hiccups and busy days, but we can still create a safe, stress-free atmosphere for our dogs and ourselves. More quick, everyday dog training tips to come, from this pooch parent to you. Woof!

*Only one audible command-lest you want your puppy to learn that he/she can sit on vocalized word #2 or #10-

Any command, sit, down, come, any verbal, should be used only when you can physically enforce the command (except in an emergency, i.e. the dog escapes across a road.) 

Guest Blogger,

Lisa D. 

Dog Mom and dog business owner. 

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