Mobility Pet Bundle | 2 Natural Hip + Joint Support Blends for Dogs + Cats - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Mobility Pet Bundle | 2 Natural Hip + Joint Support Blends for Dogs + Cats - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Mobility Pet Bundle | 2 Natural Hip + Joint Support Blends for Dogs + Cats - Woof Creek Pet Wellness

Mobility Pet Bundle | 2 Natural Hip + Joint Support Blends for Dogs + Cats

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  • Pet experiencing slower mobility, lame injury, or less able to get up easily?
  • Fur baby now a senior sweetie?
  • Proactive pawrent boosting joint health and bone structure for your special breed of fur baby (German Shepard, Doxie, Corgie, Basset, Lab, Golden, or super large kiddo?)

Our Mobility Bundle includes 2 all-natural wellness essentials for your fur kiddo's supportive mobility regimen. Adding these two toppers to your pet's daily regimen as a maintenance plan (half-measurement/3-6+ month supply) or active support (full measurement/1-3+ month supply) has been clinically shown to bolster and maintain joint, ligament, and vertebra health and proper function. The naturally occurring glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, and omega-3 fatty acids in these (only active!) ingredients are direct mobility support. Additional benefits include enhancing cognition, eye health, heart health, skin & coat health, and general systemic balance. 

Pawrents save 8% by bundling these to functional health blends:

For further and next-level health benefit:
    • Add Woof Creek supplemental superfoods to a fresh, species-appropriate diet.
    • Offer enrichment, consistency, training, and management to your fur family member for long term emotional wellness.
    • Research and learn more about: vaccine redundancies and titers testing; consumable and topical natural v. chemical flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives; environmental toxins to avoid or control inside (detergents, synthetic scents) and outside (fertilizers, pesticides) your home.
    • Give regular physical and mental energy outlets, especially to active and working breeds. 
    • Emotional, physical and mental support for your fur family members are vital and are best to begin before issues present themselves.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Bernice Franklin (Brandon, Florida, United States)
    Love Toppers

    Our Huck is 108# lab and definitely benefits from the hip and joint topper. He has been on it since he was about a year old and is now 4. He walks with us 3.5-4 miles a day and still is ready to go out and play after. Vet says his joints are in great shape considering he is a big boned boy.

    Michelle Miller (Greensburg, Pennsylvania, United States)

    I purchased this topper for our senior dog. She seems to love the taste and I know she’s getting the joint support she needs. Thanks!


    I have been buying a similar product on another site. My dogs won’t touch it because it’s just New Zealand Green Muscle and it turns the food yellow. My new puppy will actually eat his food with this mixed in. Overall, very happy with this product, but I would like to buy a larger container.

    S.M. (Tampa, Florida, United States)

    My 13. Year old lab. Mix has been taking the hip and joint fir 1 year. And it's done wonders for her

    Adriana Dinis (St. Petersburg, Florida, United States)
    Big difference!

    We have a 90 lb, almost 12 YO doodle who was having issues with his back legs and trouble getting up. This product has made SUCH a difference. He seems happier and is starting to play a bit more. He also has allergies so we have started him on that powder and have already seen a big difference as well. We are forever greatful to you!


    Helps with my beagles hips and joints



    Lauren Sousek (McHenry, Illinois, United States)
    Definate improvement

    Our doberman was having a lot of stiffness in her back joints since adding Hip & Joint Support to her diet I have noticed definite improvement

    M.N. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States)
    Best thing I could’ve ever found

    My black Labrador, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years back and had to have hip joint removed. I stumbled across this company when I was in Tampa at a local market and it’s been the best thing I could’ve ever got for him. It’s natural and clean ingredients. Most importantly he absolutely loves it. He’s running around with no pain, and he’s been in better condition. Highly recommended!

    Jennifer Alberson (Tampa, Florida, United States)
    Great product!

    My dog has chronic neck pain from an old slipped disc and this really helps manage her pain.