Allergy + Immune-Boost Bundle | 4 Wellness Products for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Allergy + Immune-Boost Bundle | 4 Wellness Products for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness

Allergy + Immune-Boost Bundle | 4 Wellness Products for Dogs

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Our Immune Boost + Allergy Bundle for Dogs includes 4 wellness essentials for your fur kiddo facing seasonal allergy+ presentations. Hot spots, hives, sinus issues, ear infections, coughs, paw and skin licking and biting, may be displays of surfacing imbalances in the system, and a major step to regaining and maintaining healthy function is to offer functional and clean ingredients.

Selectively-sourced and pivotal, this Seasonal Allergy Bundle's system-balancing superfoods, functional mushrooms, canine-specific healthy gut pre/pro/post-biotic cultures, omega-3 fatty acid chains, and topical vegan waxes and butters are all part of pupper's path to comfort and boosted immune system.

This Allergy Bundle can also be offered to your fur kiddos at a half-measurement for a supportive wellness regimen.

And, Pawrents save 13% by bundling!

·       Essential Immunity + Allergy Support Superfood Topper

·       Essential Gut + Digestion Support Topper

·       Omega-3 Fish Oil Topper

·       Anti-microbial, Lick-safe Paw + Nose + Body Balm for minor cuts; rough or dry paws, elbows, and noses; and hot spots. Calming lavender.

Also see the integrative veterinarian allergy protocol in this Article

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Charli Ga (Dacula, Georgia, United States)
I’m stumped

TJ would not accept either treat and the Immunity Support and the Flea and tick product caused him to turn his head and walk away. I’ve gotten pretty good over the years at enticing him to take and/or eat something he isn’t sure of. Absolutely nothing worked. It was a sad experience. I’d had such hopes.

Hi there, Charli,
Thanks so much for your feedback and for being a stellar Pet Parent, trying the natural route!
And, as pet parents ourselves, and thousands of pets benefiting from Mother Nature's pivotal ingredients like those found in our toppers, treats and supplements, getting our fur kiddos to consume the wonderful adaptogenic us key, so we recommend the following per our product pages:
Many pet guardians mix powder w/filtered water, sodium-free broth, or Omega-3 oil to make a delicious gravy, or even mix with an egg, Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat's milk or clean-ingredient peanut butter! (Woof Creek's own pups have their powder blends on their meals as-is, but every pup is different!)
Daily measurement can be given at once, split over a day’s meals, or as separate ‘snack’ – for pickier pups, mix with liquid and give with a plastic oral syringe.
99% of our pet clients truly love Chef Scot's intentionally irresistible blends, like the meaty umami of the different functional mushrooms, and the pure scent and flavor of the superfoods and novel proteins, which are active-only (meaning no synthetics, binders, fillers, flavors, etc.)

But for the few, like your sweet TJ, that have certain preferences (or sometimes isn't partial to the food our toppers are being added to, like ultra-processed dry foods, etc.) the above mentioned plastic oral syringe may be the way to go: Just mix the powdered blend with filtered water, suck it into the syringe, and, standing behind your kiddo, place and inject it at the side of his mouth, between the molars has been how I have found it easiest.

We want to always get you and your TJ to the goal result, improved and maintained wellness and wagging tails! Please email us directly at to discuss further so we get there!

Your Woof Creek Care Team

Rhonda Morrison (Chicago, Illinois, United States)
Great product!

My 5 yr old mini goldendoodle has lots of allergies. This product seems to help her body manage these!

Annamaria (Fremont, California, United States)
Allergy Support

My dog was having issues with his paws and licking them every time he came in from outside. I add the allergy support powder along with some of the others to his food and it seems to be helping. Very happy with the product.

Beth Sperber (Sarasota, Florida, United States)
Much Better

I was so pleasantly surprised how well my Havanese is feeling. He bit his paws continuously till they were brownish black. Now after taking Immunotherapy and Allergy supplements his paws are white again. He has almost totally stopped biting them.

Alana Thevenet (Tampa, Florida, United States)
Seems to be helping

Watson has allergies that even Cytopoint injections do not totally relieve. The allergy support from Woofcreek seems to be helping add a bit more relief.

Shannon Aceto (Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States)
Working Well for German Shepherd

My German Shepherd suddenly became very itchy and had dry skin when I turned our new heating system on this past fall. She was already getting a balanced diet and sardine and anchovy oil daily, plus she was perfectly fine last winter with the old heating system, so I reached out to her vet and her breeder for help. The vet confirmed it was environmental, but obviously I couldn't change my brand new heating system, so we decided to try supplements and new topical products to see if we could manage the symptoms until it warmed up and the heat got turned off. My dog's breeder was using this product for 2 of her pet dogs and was seeing good results, so on her recommendation I gave it a try. I fed this product for 2 months and I thought it wasn't making much of a difference in combination with everything else we were trying, as my dog's skin was still chalky and dry, so I decided not to get a third order.

Well, let me just say, I learned my lesson and how wrong I was!

In just a few days of stopping this product and making no other changes, my dog's eyes started running, she began scratching again, and started to bite her legs and feet. She was clearly very uncomfortable and unhappy, so I quickly placed a new order. I was in such a rush, I forgot to apply a coupon code I had, but Lisa on the customer service team was very helpful and got it added for me.

It is hard to manage an environmental issue when you cannot change anything about the environment, but I am very happy with this product and will continue feeding it consistently. I have told my vet that it is clearly providing support, since my dog doesn't have runny eyes, scratch, bite, or lick while she's on it. I'm impressed that despite the less than ideal environmental conditions, this product is helping as much as it is.

Thank you, Woof Creek Wellness Team! Athena is much happier and more comfortable.

Amanda C (Tampa, Florida, United States)
Love this company!

I got my dog the allergy and immune powder last year around this time to help with his seasonal allergy symptoms. It worked so good I purchased it again this year. Less itch for my baby and he loves the taste. I also get him the duck bite treats! He loves the taste and I love how tiny they are. Great to learning tricks! 10/10 recommend this companies products.

K.C. (Lakeland, Florida, United States)
Game Changer

I met Lisa at Lakeland Downtown Farmers Market in Oct 2023. I told her about my little westie Louie and his red, almost hairless paws. He was constantly licking them. She recommended using the Immunity and Allergy food topper. When we saw her in Nov or early Dec I brought Louie to see her in person. Even after a month of use there was a difference a big difference. I have taken a picture every month since. His paws are healed after less than 5 months! January they looked completely healed. Last picture is from today after we went to visit Lisa. Louie is posing with his brother Freddy (we just got Freddy the Stress and Anxiety topper) Thanks so much Lisa and Scot for all you guys do!


A lifesaver! Definitely will be ordering more in the future! Thanks Woof Creek!

G.K. (Lincolnton, North Carolina, United States)
Great product.

I use this product along with another itchy and dry skin. This has really helped. I have not skipped a single dose.
I make his own dog food every few weeks. He is part shitzu, recuse dog.