Stress Support Bundle | 5 All-Natural Wellness Items for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness
Stress Support Bundle | 5 All-Natural Wellness Items for Dogs - Woof Creek Pet Wellness

Stress Support Bundle | 5 All-Natural Wellness Items for Dogs

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Our Stress Bundle includes 5 clean-ingredient wellness essentials for your fur kid's worrisome anxiety. 

Whether your dog is facing separation anxietyfear from thunder & lightning storms, fireworks, car ride stress, has rescue history, or breed-standard timidity, the the need to care for and manage their cortisol roller coaster is vital. In fact, every domesticated pooch will gain benefit from endocrine system balancing, as most dogs no longer live their ancestral, active lifestyles. Nutrition, proactive management, and training are all integral to handling canine anxiety, and beginning with these whole food toppers and our calming balm is an imperative step to help calm and balance your fur baby, inside and out.

The Stress Support superfood powder blend is formulated to enhance and balance the over-stressed core systems of today's dog by bolstering bodily oxidative stress and the gut-brain axis (Vagus Nerve) promoting equilibrium in the endocrine, circulatory and digestive systems. Our unique blend of premium, natural, wholly bioavailable (+aromatic & flavorful!) ingredients offer real balanced support.

In conjunction with the omega-3 rich Wild-caught Salmon Oil w/Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil (non-cannabinoid hemp plant oil), the system is further balanced. (And mixing the powder with the Omega-3 Salmon Oil and drizzling over the pup's meal is a stellar delivery method.)

Within 4-6 weeks of regular use of the above toppers, improvement and positive differences can be visible, ie shorter reaction times to triggers, better appetite and sleep, and general behavioral balance. Once these changes are noticeable, it is imperative to begin or continue training/proactive management of pup's day-to-day as your dog's leader and guardian; establishing feeding and sleep routines, and shaping positive behavior incrementally with positive reinforcement and healthy rewards.

This Stress Support Bundle can also be offered to your fur kiddos at a half-measurement proactive/supportive wellness regimen.

Adding the calming lavender, lick-safe paw & body balm to your pooch's weekly routine for massaging paws and any rough, dry areas (not to mention the healing anti-microbial aid for cuts, hot spots, cracked skin and nose) will assist in the calming affect.

Of course, we know, our parental part is vital: management, training, and a calm and enriching lifestyle: Offering daily teaching sessions and/or positive and consistent ( enforceable!) behaviors and manners with our limited ingredient, low-calorie training treats is an important and pivotal way to promote health and balance in our fur family members.

And, Pawrents save 13% by bundling!

·       Stress Support Health Supplement

·       Wild-Caught Salmon Oil w/Cold-Pressed Hemp Oil Topper

·       Anti-microbial, Lick-safe Paw + Nose + Body Balm for minor cuts; rough or dry paws, elbows, and noses; and hot spots. Calming lavender.

·       Limited-ingredient, freeze-dried raw, high-value training treats for the very important management and training of your anxious fur baby. A sampler sized pouch of our Duck Bites w/Rabbit + Blueberry and a sample pouch of our Ocean Bites w/ Whitefish + Cranberry, both rich in antioxidants and each with (TCVM cooling) novel proteins for further internal balancing support.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Nora Armbruster (Temecula, California, United States)
My dog loves his Salmon!

This is a great way to make sure your pooch is getting his omegas! The only caveat is that it can get a little messy if you’re pouring directly out of the bottle, but cleanup is easy. Bowie loves it on top of his fresh or dehydrated food!

David Graham (Savannah, Georgia, United States)
A Spout That Works

I’m pleasantly surprised with the product, including the spout I added. I was using a vet recommended product, in a plastic bottle with a plastic pump spout and I was looking for a glass product. I’m so happy I found this.


I’ve been ordering a similar product from a vet recommended site. This product is 2x larger, packed with more essential nutrients and comes in glass vs plastic. Overall, I’m highly impressed and only disappointed I didn’t find them sooner. Thank you.

Victoria (Houston, Texas, United States)
Easy to give

My dogs like the oil! It is so much easier to give them the oil than it is to make sure they eat the capsule I was giving.

marissa gessin (Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States)
Seems to be working

I have begun giving this to my dog as he seems to be favoring his back leg. As a BoChi we know its a genetic defect and arthrits is on its way. He was beginng to sem nervous before jumping up on furnite however that looks like its disapated and he has not held back from jumping since starting the omega 3's!

shelly roberts (Tampa, Florida, United States)
Salmon oil

Our dog Yoshi cannot wait for his salmon oil at breakfast time. Hoping his skin allergies will benefit from the oil! Love all Wolf Creek products

Tim Reischmann (Pinellas Park, Florida, United States)
It is so difficult to find a non salmon based fish oil.

Thank you for your high quality USA made product

Leah Brackett (Pascoag, Rhode Island, United States)

Dogs love it!!!

Nancy B (Palm Bay, Florida, United States)
Really improves skin and coat

Been giving this to my cav about 6 months now. Even the vet asks what did I change in her diet to get her coat so shiny. My dogs love it as a meal topper.

Riley Milata (Dover, Florida, United States)
Great products!

Amazing product and good price. My shih tzu struggles with atopic dermatitis and paring the omega/salmon oils with his medications has been a total life saver. Thank you wolf creek!