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Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Stress + Anxiety Support - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Stress + Anxiety Support

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This Large Essential Stress + Anxiety Refill Pouch will give your canine best friend three times the support (3-Tins' worth) of the regular size refill pouch. Great for large dogs or for parents that want to stretch their dollars further! All of our meal toppers are good for two years from the purchase date, so load up!

7.94 ounces compared to 2.65 ounces of the regular size refill. Fills your original tin 3X and you save on shipping!

*Refills do not come with scoops or feeding instructions, so... Purchase the Tin + Scoop FIRST, here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Analia Huber (Riverview, Florida, United States)

The new pouch is awesome for various reasons: better for environment, lower product and shipping costs to customers. Would suggest, though, if the tin cans get rusty, that you are able to replace it at no cost.

Gillian V., Ontario, Canada
Calmer in Canada!

The stress formula is working really well for my Charlotte. My evenings have become much calmer since starting this.
And, another great review from my friend, she gave the stress formula to her moms dog while he was staying with her for the week, and a normally very anxious boy was totally at eaze. I’m not sure what’s in this stuff (not literally because I can read the ingredients) or if it is even possible to have such quick results but we both feel like we noticed an immediate change. This stress formula will be in constant stock in our homes just like adored beast gut soothe in the fridge for any tummy troubles. When something just works you always need it in the house!

Beverly Connell (Lakeland, Florida, United States)
Less fearful pup

I have a beagle rescue who is terrified of loud noises. Before this supplement we tried thundershirt, trazadone, alprazolam, and Prozac. None of these worked. My poor pup would hide for hours after fireworks, or thunder. She would shake and refuse food. And if she heard a loud noise and was outside she was paralyzed with fear. We had to carry her in. After trying this she is so much better. She still will run and hide but it’s for a few minutes. She recovers much quicker and she can get inside to get in her crate. I cannot believe the change in her. Thank you so much for this supplement!!!

Vero (Kissimmee, Florida, United States)
Definitely see results

I started Thunder on this with his meal about a month ago. I feel like hes calmed down more. Hes in training and gets excited easily when he sees a cat or squirrel. He listens before he acts now more than he did before. He sees dogs now and doesn't immediately want to go for them. He was like this even as a fixed dog. I think this product has done well for him and I'll continue to purchase. Thank you for making this product so accessible.

Customer (Lakeland, Florida, United States)
So far absolutely no change

Sorry to report the no change but it seems like she might be getting more hyper. U said to try a full month though and it has only been 18 days

Diane H.
Fantastic product!

I purchased the stress and anxiety for Oliver, my rescue pup, Who was inconsolable during thunderstorms or fireworks and this year for New Year’s he didn’t even care about the fireworks he just laid down and went to bed it was amazing!

Barbara L.
Love this product!

Love this topper! My dog Josi, a 5 y.o. Australian Shepherd, is in obedience and this topper helps her focus. Plus she likes her food better when this toper it off!

Kristina Peluso
Gut activity reduced

Have only been using the stress and anxiety for a week or so. Haven't noticed outward behavior changed so much bit his overactive bowel seems to have calmed. Fewer stools and firmer stools - that is a big win for us. Will keep using and see if we notice other changes.

Sylvia Green
Happy Corgi

I have been giving my boy Cody Woof Creek products for over 6 months. He looks for tyr meal topper in the morning. The stress & anxiety supplement has been a game changer. As a herd dog, Cody is very alert and can easily start barking at any noise. He’s such a calm boy who only reacts when the doorbell rings or I say whose at the door.

This stuff is awesome

Our Jack loves his meal topper! We got him as a rescue and he was afraid off all loud noises and would run back into the house to hide.
We’ve been using the stress and anxiety meal topper for several weeks now and have noticed a significant difference. He is no longer afraid of everything. Thank you so much! I would recommend this to anyone.