Large Value Refill Pouch | Immunity + Allergy Support - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Immunity + Allergy Support - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Immunity + Allergy Support

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This Essential Immunity + Allergy Support Refill Pouch will give your canine best friend three times the support (3-Tins' worth) of the regular Refill Pouch. It is biodegradable, convenient, and economical! Great for large dogs or for parents that want to stretch their dollars further! All of our core longevity meal toppers are good for two years from the purchase date, so load up!

7.94 ounces compared to 2.65 ounces of the regular size refill. Fills your original tin 3X and you save on shipping!

Refills do not come with scoops or feeding instructions, so... Purchase the Tin + Scoop FIRST, here!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Sam Evensen (Valrico, Florida, United States)
Great Product!

We have been using this combined with the cold pressed salmon oil and it has greatly improved our allergy ridden pity. A bonus that she absolutely loves the taste and she looks forward to every meal!

Shantel Olson (Panama City, Florida, United States)

My dog loves the flavor and scarfs it up! We have noticed a huge difference in her allergies since using this product. We are thankful we don't have to resort to using harmful drugs anymore!!!

Delaney Sheehan (Tampa, Florida, United States)
5 stars!!

When my dog started showing environmental allergies I bought this and within 2 weeks the nasty eye boogers and scratching was gone, haven't had any issues since, love this product! Happy puppy for proof!

Meghan Florence (Altadena, California, United States)

Essential Immunity + Allergy Meal Topper Refill Pouch | Subscribe & Save

Toni Durilla
Stanley's Favorite

My dog LOVES this stuff...he won't even eat his food until I put this on top and then he goes to town!

Mike Smith (Tampa, Florida, United States)

Great products we have frenchies and never had an issue with them.

Dee Dee Vires (Sebring, Florida, United States)
Immunity +Allergy support topper

I have been using this on the 2 pups I rescued about a month ago. It’s been almost 3’weeks they have been in it. They were neglected and were scratching due to fleas. There coats were in bad shape. Their coats are so soft now and they are less itching. Here are before and after

Gloria Kelley (Dallas, North Carolina, United States)
Still scratching

Ollie is still scratching ( maybe not as bad) and licking.
I use 1 level of the powder daily on his food. I make his own food.
Will continue using it.
Thanks for getting back to me
G. Kelley

Tracy on behalf of Mr. Hank (Kernersville, North Carolina, United States)
Mr. Hank gives Woof Creek Immunity + Allergy a 5 Paw Review!

Our 10 year old dog Hank has had severe year long environmental allergies since we rescued him as a 2 year old from our local shelter. It has been a journey to educate ourselves on how best to support this super sweet pup! It is an ongoing process to keep him healthy and happy and free of all the traditional medications used to treat allergies. I can honestly say that we can tell that Woof Creek actually makes a difference in Hank's itchiness and day to day comfort. I like to say that over the years we have literally tried every supplement, tincture, salve, tea, ointment, remedy, herb and traditional medication on the market. We have been to numerous Veterinarians and specialist - we have spent more money then I would ever have believed to try and give this dog relief and figure out the root causes. Finally, 8 years into this journey we have a pretty good map of the raw and gently cooked foods that work for Hank along with some tried and true supplements that we add to his diet - Woof Creek Immunity + Allergy is one of those supplements we depend on! On top of that I have found their customer service to be OUTSTANDING!! It is so much appreciated to have found a company that produces an affordable product (we have two 75 pound dogs so raw feeding and supplements gets very expensive!) a product that we can tell benefits our dog and the icing on the cake is that they also excel at customer service! Thank you so much Woof Creek!

Nora Armbruster (Temecula, California, United States)
Pup loves this topper!

Too early to tell yet if anything is happening…but I think it is :) Bowie loves this topper on his food and I have noticed a slight improvement with itchy/scratchy behavior, in less than a week.

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