Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Flea + Tick Defense - Woof Creek Dog Wellness
Large Value Refill Pouch | Essential Flea + Tick Defense - Woof Creek Dog Wellness

Large Value Refill Pouch | Flea + Tick Defense Support

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This Flea + Tick Defense Support Refill Pouch will give your canine best friend three times the support (3-Tins' worth) of the regular Refill Pouch. It is biodegradable, convenient, and economical! Great for large dogs or for parents that want to stretch their dollars further! All of our all-natural, functional, core longevity powder blends are good for two years from the purchase date, so load up!

7.94 ounces compared to 2.65 ounces of the regular size refill. Fills your original tin 3X and you save on shipping!

Refills do not come with scoops or feeding instructions, so... Purchase the Tin + Scoop FIRST, here!

If you already have the reusable Tin + Scoop, SUBSCRIBE & SAVE MORE $$$ on your Refill Pouches!


All Natural Extra Precaution Spray

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(Spray Not Included with Topper Purchase)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Anne Nyktas (Cincinnati, Ohio, United States)
Too soon to tell but I expect great things!

This company provides quality products that bring peace of mind to me in keeping my pet healthy and safe. I have only been using the flea and tick defense powder for a month and it’s early in the season…but so far so good! I combine it with the flea and tick spray when hiking, I will provide an update later in coming months.

Catherine (Huntsville, Alabama, United States)
so far, so good

We've been using Flea + Tick defense for just about 3 weeks now. It is early in the season for us in North Alabama, but the ticks are certainly out. Treated the yard and spray our pup for every outing/hike, no fleas or ticks as of yet. Very pleased to remove Rx completely.

Lois (Medford, Massachusetts, United States)
Great Company

I live in New England which is Tick central in the warmer months. I Haven't used traditional flea and tick prevention on my pets for years. The company I was getting a natural flea and tick prevention from went out of business, so I decided to try Wolf Creek. I started my dog Onna half doesage in January and bumped her up to a full dose in March. I am planning on ordering the spray as well.

Merianne Ungaro (Wayne, New Jersey, United States)
Flea and tick

Just started using this and was happy to find it due to my previous product could cause seizures.

Annamaria (Fremont, California, United States)
Flea and Tick Defense

I have been using this in addition to some other natural products for prevention of fleas and it seems to help. I home cook for my baby and add this as a topper to his food.

Madison (Columbia, Missouri, United States)
Picky Poodle Approved

I was a little concerned that even though the ingredients are amazing, my poodle might not eat it. However, he has been eating it mixed into his raw food with no complaints. It doesn’t smell as strong as I expected. I bought it ahead of flea and tick season so it has time to build up in his system. So far I am happy with the ingredients and how they are functioning.

Beth Sperber (Sarasota, Florida, United States)
Well needed product!

It works

Catherine Gallagher (Galena, Illinois, United States)

Really like the flea/tick product. Better ingredients that most. I pray it works!!!

Rita M (Rolesville, North Carolina, United States)
Care without chemicals

I took my pups, Holly & her daughter Zoey, off of Bravecto (Holly refused to take it, even smothered in peanut butter!) and add Woof Creek Flea & Tick Defense to their food every day. No fleas!

Jessica Miller (Wake Forest, North Carolina, United States)
Great product!

So far, so good! I purchased the large refill flea and tick powder and the immunity/allergy powder. My pooch stopped scratching himself and I haven’t found a flea. 🤞🏻 The real test will be spring and summer. I’m very hopeful, even living in NC. Also, customer service is excellent!

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