Superfood + Functional Mushroom Powder Blend

Stress Support | All-Natural Health Supplement for Dogs + Cats


Help your dog navigate stress with ease using our specially crafted stress-balancing supplement, designed to bring long-term calm and balance to your furry family member's life.

A clean, natural regimen for dogs exhibiting nervousness, hyperactivity, discontent, triggered responses to:

  • environmentally-induced stressors 

  • separation

  • travel

  • hospitalization

  • moving

  • other situations that may cause anxiousness

  • for all domesticated dogs, who can experience tension caused by changes in their normal daily routine.

Comes in reusable tin with wooden scoop (1/4 tsp) and a magnetic scoop holder, then take advantage of our eco-friendly, discounted single-sized or large, triple-sized eco-refill pouch program. So, SAVE YOUR TINS!



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Bring Calm and Comfort to Your Pets, Naturally

Expertly crafted to enhance and maintain your dog's natural stress responses. This unique formula supports calm, balanced emotional and nerve health without causing drowsiness. Ideal for managing separation anxiety, environmental stressors, travel, and hyperactivity.

Our blend includes Argentine Pork Liver, Functional Mushrooms, Noni Fruit, Alfalfa Grass, Kelp, and Chamomile, offering a wholly bioavailable, aromatic, and flavorful solution. Perfect for all domesticated dogs and cats, this supplement aids in balancing behavior and promoting a calmer response to common triggers.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports emotional well-being and nerve health.

  • Aids in managing various stress-related behaviors.

  • Offers a rich mix of beneficial, natural ingredients.

  • Suitable for both dogs and cats over 5 months.

Usage: Tailored for both active support and proactive supplementing. Comes with a handy, reusable tin and scoop for eco-friendly refills.





Directions For Daily Use

Follow the  Measurement Chart per your pet's weight.  

1-12 lbs/0-5.5 kgs:

1/2 Scoop

1/8 tsp

230 days to reorder

13-25 lbs/6-11 kgs:

1 Scoop

1/4 tsp

115 days to reorder

26-50 lbs/12-23 kgs:

2 Scoop

1/2 tsp

57.5 days to reorder

51-75 lbs/24-34 kgs:

3 Scoop

3/4 tsp

38 days to reorder

Over 76 lbs/35 kgs:

4 Scoop

1 tsp

28 days to reorder

Use full measurement for active support: Use half measurement for proactive supplementing regimen.

  • Adjust daily measurement to your pet's specific weight per chart.

  • Tin has 115 scoops/75g per tin.

  • Many pet guardians mix powder w/filtered water, sodium-free broth, or Omega-3 oil to make a delicious gravy, or even mix with an egg, Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat's milk or clean-ingredient peanut butter! (Woof Creek's own pups have their powder blends on their meals as-is, but every pet is different!)

  • Daily measurement can be given at once, split over a day’s meals, or as separate ‘snack’ – for pickier pups, mix with liquid and give with a plastic oral syringe.

  • Start w/quarter of daily measurement and gradually increase over 3-5 days until full measurement is reached. Sensitive digestive systems, titrate for longer.

  • Included: wooden measurement scoop (1/4tsp) inside tin + magnetic scoop holder for Pet Parent's convenience.

  • Safe for dogs and cats aged 5mo+.

  • Good for 2 yrs after made by date.

  • For active support, watch for return to normal/balanced function between 4-6 wks. but often benefits seen in shorter period. Results may vary and multiple variables are involved in balanced pet health (ie ultra processed diets, stress, environmental toxins, chemical load, etc.) Contact us for free e-consult at 45 days if goal not yet achieved: Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist/Founder Chef Scot Hill will connect you with integrative options & guidance. Also, see our Blog Articles for more important vet-guided protocols and information.


Frequently Asked Questions

For presenting health issues, on average (of hundreds of Woof Creek dog clients) and for our own 2 standard poodle pups, we have seen and had reports of visible, pivotal improvement within 3-6 weeks across both of our powdered and oil toppers. We have also received feedback from a dozen pawrents stating faster results, 3 days to 1 week, for drastic improvement, though that is not the average.

After the presenting issue seems resolved, we slowly titrate down over a few months to a half-dose regimen to maintain the essential superfood nutrients in the pups' blood stream.

We suggest a half-dose regimen for prevention for the lives of your fur babies.

If visible improvement isn't seen within the average 3 to 6-week timeframe, we ask that you email us for a brief, non-medical consult with our Woof Creek Wellness founder and Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist, Chef Scot Hill. 

Because so many factors affect our fur babies, such as *diet, medication, indoor and outside toxins and triggers, age, breed, history, lifestyle, exercise routine, etc. we always recommend you consult your integrative or holistic veterinarian. 

Our prevention + remedy superfood toppers are now being carried and recommended by Veterinarians and Vet Techs over very costly medications like Apoquel and Cytopoint for severe allergy presentations, Dasuquin for Joint Issues, Trazodone and CBD for high anxiety and other medications and supplements that utilize preservatives, binders, fillers and such…

Our powdered Essential Meal Topper line often replace:

Additionally, our ultra-clean anti-inflammatory Omega-3 Ocean Fish Oil and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil w/cold pressed Hemp Seed Oil have helped many of the above issues and, in thousands of cases, replaced the medications listed above as well as expensive prescription foods.

So many variables affect our fur babies: Please consult your trusted integrative, proavtive, or holistic veterinarian for a specific plan for your fur baby's health issues. Our products' ingredients and anyasis labels are easy to zoom into on this site for easy viewing.

Yes, please do!

Woof Creek has an eco-friendly refill program for the prevention and remedy Essential Meal Topper line: When the powder topper is finished, you keep the tin and wooden scoop and simply order our discounted *biodegradable refill pouches (*regular or *large) to help Mother Earth and save you pup parents money.

Woof Creek powdered Essential Meal Toppers are…

* often replacing a range of costly medications

* giving long term relief of anxiety, allergies, joint relief etc.

* saving pawents 1/5th of the cost of synthetic medications

* enhancing vs. challenging dogs' whole health for the long term

* scientifically supported by veterinarians: Woof Creek’s clean superfood supplements as medicine are offered in Tampa Bay’s integrative The Heights Vet Clinic.

* sourced and hand-blended by Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist/Founder Chef Scot Hill

* a blend of medicinal mushrooms, superfoods, novel proteins for prevention, remedy, and holistic health

* all natural active ingredients with no fillers, no synthetic preservatives, no binders, no micro toxins

* made of fully metabolizing / wholly bioavailable clean, functional, selectively sourced ingredients

Our toppers are designed to be irresistible and scent-astic! 

The “meaty” umami aspect in the medicinal mushroom blends that are found in all our powdered toppers is very enticing to pups.

And the novel proteins and superfoods used in each of the different toppers also possess intentional smell and taste attractors to dogs (and cats!) For example, the aromatic Argentinian pork liver in the Essential Stress + Anxiety Support, and the seafood scent of the Pacific Whiting and NZ Green Lipped Mussel in the Essential Hip + Joint Support are ultra-enticing to dogs. Each powdered topper has multiple ingredients specifically enticing to dogs.

If your dog only likes his/her meal as-is, give the superfood supplement as a *gravy or mixed into another favorite food separate from mealtime as a snack.

*For a gravy we suggest mixing the powder with *filtered water, sodium-free beef or chicken broth, or egg, cooked or raw. Even mixing with all-natural peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt, kefir, raw goat’s milk or other healthy favorite mix-in will work great.

Because these nutrients are so pivotal and important, we encourage pawrents to get the superfood powder into their fur baby: We purposely keep our nutritional whole food supplements in unprocessed powder form (as opposed to a chew or a treat) as to avoid fillers, sugars, binders, preservatives… this is the cleanest, purest nutritional prevention + remedy functional supplement available.

Couldn't find the answer? Check more FAQ's here.

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For More Tail Wagging Years

Our products are formulated and crafted by Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist (& Devoted Dog Dad) Chef Scot Hill.

Chef Scot sources the highest quality, all-natural, human-grade ingredients, integrative veterinarian guided and tested to ensure science-based support for holistic wellness (and irresistibility!)

With crucial superfoods, adaptogens, functional mushrooms (fruiting body) and pivotal novel proteins, Chef's approach is completely natural, using only wholly bioavailable, active ingredients and zero synthetics, chemicals, preservatives, binders or fillers.

Chef's single purpose is to help you regain and/or maintain your fur baby's healthy balance and wellness naturally, for more tail wagging years®.

FREE Shipping on orders above $75

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Caroline Milne (Miami, Florida, United States)
Stress Free

My rescue came from an abuse household. I have had her for about two years and we are slowly rebuilding trust and confidence. I have been using their product for anxiety for about two weeks now. I have been topping Harleys food with it and I definitely notice a difference. She is more calm, sleeping more because she is relaxing better and it's helping her confidence. Thank you, I love to see my baby drift right to sleep anywhere with her little baby tongue stuck out. 🥰

G.I. (New Port Richey, Florida, United States)
Gave it try

Hi, i gave Essential stress and immunity to my little pup and it has done wonders

Adrienne Hardy (Durham, North Carolina, United States)
Game changed

I give this to my old girl before bedtime (I work overnights so she is alone all night) and I was so worried she would be anxious with me gone but it's helped her be calm and collected! Thank you!!!

Yuri (Tampa, Florida, United States)
More Confident Pup!

My almost 2 year old border collie mix, Mari, started showing a lot of fear and anxiety about going outside when it was dark out. I have an inconsistent schedule and need to take her out in the dark on a regular basis. We started using the Stress & Anxiety supplement and by the end of our first container I saw a noticeable difference! She wasn’t fighting me to not go out in the dark and if there was a startling noise she would look to me for reassurance but would NOT pull to go back home. We have currently found a happy maintenance amount that she continues to have with her food. I am so happy that she’s no longer showing signs of anxiety when going out at night or when there are startling noises.

Sammie Volo (Washington, District of Columbia, United States)
Great ingredients

I love this brand! They always use great ingredients. I’ve only been using this product for about a week, I think it’s helping but I’ll have to keep using to really be able to tell. I also use the flea and tick and allergy topper regularly.


They increased their prices. I was on a subscription and wondered why im paying so much to begin with. My dog had been on this for over a year and he still goes crazy when the neighbors dog comes out. I tried taking him to the vet with no medicine just this and hes still pretty anxious. Might cancel since i sub every three months but its over 30$ now. No thanks.

H. L. Lenz (Markham, Ontario, Canada)
Works for me

I have tried a number of different remedies for my high strung girl but this is the only one that I have found effective. I am thrilled She even got surprised by fireworks on a walk and didn’t bat an eye


Too easy to spill.

linda Romano (Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States)
Fun at the lake

Baci Bear ( Black tri) is very anxious around other dogs. She gets reactive if they get too close. We go to the lake with our friends occasionally. We have to try to keep Baci at a comfortable distance away. After taking woof Creek Anxiety blend for 6 weeks we went to the lake and Vaci had a much more relaxed experience. The other two dogs were able to walk past very close with absolutely no incidents or distress. There is a definite difference in Baci’s ability to relax . I highly recommend this wonderful product.

S. (Downingtown, Pennsylvania, United States)
Not seeing much change

My dog's ongoing stress does not seem to have minimized with this product. He does get relaxed fairly quickly after dosing (he goes for a nap soon after) but that's the only change I see.