Is My Dog Getting Too Much Fat?

golden poodle running fastly on a green lawn

Big dogs, small dogs, long dogs, and short dogs; in fact, all dogs benefit from healthy sources of fats in their diet. Dogs metabolize food differently than humans and rely on fat as an integral fuel source. This is the part where we say “always consult your dog’s veterinarian when deciding what type of diet is best for your dog”. Dogs, through artificial selection, are one of the most diverse species on the planet. Whether small enough to fit in a purse or large enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with a small horse, one thing is sure, fat is a necessary nutrient for all doggos. 

Fat provides energy, insulation, cushioning, and proper immune function among so many other things. It’s often mistaken that high fat diets lead to heart disease in dogs, as it does in so many people. However, healthy dogs don’t usually, if ever, get this type of heart disease. There are some health conditions where a lower fat diet is recommended for dogs, including pancreatic problems, obesity, and some dogs are just naturally less active. Knowing your dog and her needs is important to say the least.

How much fat does my dog need? 

Ok, we know all dogs benefit from some amount of fat in their diet, but how much? Again, always consult your dog's veterinarian, but for the sake of this post we can generalize. Let’s take Lily Lou for example, Woof Creek’s Chief Tasting Officer. Lily is a poodle with less than 12 months under her leash and is crazy and active with tireless energy. Subsequently, she eats a diet high in saturated fat including, fish oil, duck fat, chicken fat, and extra virgin olive oil on occasion. If your dog is like Lily then they may benefit from a high fat diet. As Lily ages she may benefit from less fat but for now she needs a lot of fuel for energy! 

Finding the perfect balanced diet with the right amount of calories from fat can be tricky, but certainly not impossible. We now know more about dogs, and how their metabolism is fueled, than ever before. With your vets advice and the amount of great quality brands on the market, it’s easy to choose the best food for your bff. But your champion’s wellness routine doesn't start and stop with the choice of dog food. No single element can supply your dog with everything she needs to thrive. She also needs enrichment from fresh air, exercise, and playing mentally stimulating games like hide-and-seek with treats. However, make sure to choose treats that aren’t  90% filler, with little fat or protein. Instead, reward your dog with treats that get most of their calories from fat and protein. Woof Creek’s Salmon and Apple dog treats are just one choice that would be perfect for a little hide-and-seek game. We break the salmon power squares into smaller pieces and hide them all over for Lily. She absolutely loves the game and we feel great knowing that we crafted a holistic dog treat packed with the best fats in the right amounts for our baby girl. Woof!!

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    How do I make dog food for fussy small dogs that i am running out of options

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