The Heights Veterinarian Clinic in Tampa Bay now offers Woof Creek Wellness!

Woof Creek's Lily & Layla proudly deliver toppers to The Heights Vet Clinic

We are so excited and proud to announce that our holistic whole food prevention + remedy powdered meal toppers are now offered at The Heights Veterinarian Clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida’s Seminole Heights district!

Woof Creek's Essential Support line for Hip+ Joint, Immunity+Allergy, and Stress+ Anxiety are clean superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and exotic proteins that offer long term wellness and often replace costly medicines and enhance whole body health for our fur kids, for more tail wagging years! We thank Dr. Mondschein and his caring staff of professionals for being supporters of proactive canine health, offering holistic options and alternatives for the puppers' best lives!! 

Woof Creek will be two years old in a month (Oct 1), and in that short time we feel proud and appreciative for the opportunity to achieve our mission of adding more tail wagging years to thousands of precious pooches. Our ability to help heal so many more Pawrents' fur kids with this new pawtnership is just so thrilling to us! Here's to helping thousands more doggos and more tail wagging years!

The Heights Veterinarian Clinic in Tampa Bay, Florida's Seminole Heights district

More Info. for The Heights Veterinarian Clinic:

Dr. Mondschein, DVM, MPH, CVA, CCRT 

3400 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33603

Complementary and alternative therapies include acupuncture, laser therapy, veterinary spinal manipulation, botanical herbs, Chinese herbal medicine, supplements, massage, rehabilitation, and other holistic modalities.


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