Apples for the Apple of Your Eye, Your Pupper.

Happy dog looks up at person holding a basket of green apples standing in apple orchard.

  An apple a day, as they say….can keep the vet away? Well, your pooch pal can enjoy and will benefit from eating apples, just like people!. Apples are a healthy, low calorie snack you can use as a reward or a training treat that dogs love – taste, crunch, and all! An apple slice with the skin offers puppers, both young puppies and older, senior dogs, vital nutrients like vitamins A and C, fiber, calcium and phosphorus. Also, per PetMD, apple skin even helps remove plaque from your dog’s teeth and, therefore, freshens breath. Interestingly enough, wolves, your fido’s ancestors, even eat fruit like apples to supplement important nutrients.

  Mind you, just like for people, apple seeds are not okay to eat because they contain cyanide which is poisonous. The core of an apple, with its stem, is also not okay as it is a choking hazard: Give your dog slices or pieces of apple as a crunchy, sweet, enticing snack.

  The American Kennel Club agrees that apples are a great complement to your doggo’s nutritious diet, while mentioning that “they’re best eaten in moderation.” Apples are not a meal; it is best to offer apple pieces to your puppy as a snack, a reward, or a training treat.

  So, whether you and your dog live in the Big Apple or in the great apple-orchard state of Washington, your go-to snack can be apple-icious anytime!

  And, for a multitude of your hound’s favorite flavors and even more needed nutrients, try Woof Creek Nutritious Nature Apple & Salmon Power Squares for their next training session or for a just-because reward!

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