6 To-Dos to Prep Your Pets for Storm Season + Fireworks

6 To-Dos to Prep Your Pets for Storm Season + Fireworks
July 4th fireworks and thunderstorms cause stress for many of our fur babies every summer…

Sudden booming sound, flashing lightning, and static electricity in the atmosphere are all major factors for our pets’ discomfort during these scenarios.
Do you find your puppers and cats pacing, trembling, hiding, or howling during these triggering times…?
You can prepare and help manage their level of stress!

Here are 6 Proactive To-Dos for the fur family for storms and fireworks: 

6 To-Dos to Prep Your Pup for Storm Season + Fireworks

  1. Get 100% Cotton or Bamboo bed sheets for Fur kiddo to Cuddle on/in:
  • Why 100% cotton or bamboo? These natural fibers are less prone to static electricity than synthetic ones.

  • To further reduce static, in your dryer, use non-chemical anti-static tools like Wool Dryer Balls,  Silicone Dryer Balls, Cloth Dampened With Distilled White Vinegar or even Aluminum Foil.

  • Use a Humidifier: Increasing the moisture in the air can help reduce static. (The soft noise will also be helpful, to be mentioned below.)
  1. Situate an area/allow them access to small nooks, closets, bathrooms, etc. with tiled or non-carpeted flooring if possible, or even access to bathtubs (ceramic tubs reduce static electricity, which is why many pets wander to them.) Also, use gates and close-off rooms to limit wandering and pacing.Stressed pup

  1. Drown out thunder and/or fireworks with:

  • Soft music, especially geared to calm dogs 

  • Floor or kitchen hood fans

  • Television (with *Pet Parents cuddled with Fur Family is best!)

  • Close windows, blinds, curtains

  • A humidifier mentioned in #1 offers soft white noise.
  1. Calming adaptogens, herbals, supplements, foods leading up to and during:

  • Full Spectrum CBD from trusted sources

  • Chamomile tea drizzled over their meal

  • Functional Mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Reishi

  • Cooling proteins in treat form or meals, like Duck, Rabbit, Fish, + Pork

  • For more balanced behavior, ‘get to the gut!’ Probiotics and GI Health support for the gut-brain (vagus nerve) axis (scroll to bottom for $4 off!)

  • Busy marrow bones; clean peanut butter-stuffed toy; or plan mealtime for the peak of triggering event
  1. Anti-anxiety vests, shirts or jackets (ie the Thundershirt) may also be helpful for an anchoring, comforting feel. Stress-reducing head hoods are also available, adding some sound dampening, too.

  1. Hooman's Pup-Management:

  • Parents, TIRE OUT THE KIDDOS! Get your pups exercised! Offer enrichment! EARLY! Before a known trigger like afternoon storms or evenings of fireworks in the area.
  • Get potty time done before triggering event, if possible.
  • Arrange to be home; or, use a trusted pet sitter, or bring them to a family member’s home to keep pupper company during triggering events.

    • And, be calm and settled yourself! Be in one comfortable place and relax. Our fur family can also sense our anxiety and even smell our cortisol levels.

    • Likewise, pets feels safer and secure when we are centered and chill. Pupper will know you believe all is safe… 

  • If not possible to keep your pets company:

    • Leave them with distraction and enrichment games

    • Snuffle mats

    • Lick mats

    • Interactive Pet Camera like the Furbo, with remote treat dispensing capabilities

    • White noise, music, and television as mentioned above

What other great ways have you managed your doggo’s stress during storm and firework season? Comment below to share it with all our fellow Pet Parents!

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