Should I Add Novel Proteins to My Dogs Diet?

A beautiful duck with a bright yellow bill. A great source of novel protein when sustainably raised and harvested cruelty free.

In your relentless research for the best diet to feed your precious fur baby, you may have come across the words “novel proteins” at least once in a few Google searches. Should you be feeding your dog “novel protein” and if so, where do you find this elusive wonder meat? 

First, let’s define novel protein. Simply put, novel proteins are any protein sources that your dog has never been introduced to. So, if your dog has never had chicken or beef, then both of those proteins are new, or novel, to your dog. Now, most every dog has consumed chicken, turkey, beef, or lamb, which are the most commonly used dog food protein sources in the world. Many dry kibbles will feature all of these “non-novel” proteins in a single product alone. Studies have shown that dogs who consume the same protein source, meal after meal, are more prone to food allergies and the symptoms that come with them. Just like us humans, dogs can also benefit from a balanced but diverse diet. Adding new, or novel, protein sources may be a healthy choice for your pup.*

Some novel proteins that are available for dogs are bison, venison, salmon, kangaroo, insects, rabbit, duck, and even plant proteins.

Changing your dog’s food can be a daunting task, especially if she’s been eating the same food for quite some time, but it is important to do so. All mammals benefit from a varied diet, allowing for a wider range of nutrients. It’s a good idea to change your dog’s food at least every three months (following gradual change guidance).** After all, variety is the spice of life and now there are more choices than ever. 

Where to start? 

I’m so happy you asked! Dog foods are expensive, especially dog foods with exotic proteins and other ultra-premium ingredients. Then, take it to the next level with sustainably sourced and ethically harvested animals, changing protein sources becomes a big decision. 

What if your pup doesn't like the choice you made for her? 

Solution: A less risky approach to introducing novel proteins and healthy variety to your beloved pooch is to introduce your dog to new foods through nutritional, holistic dog treats. 

Of the different novel proteins to choose from, a great first start is duck, as it’s easily attainable, and sustainable. This less common meat option for dogs is rich in iron and it provides dogs with a lean, easy-to-digest protein source. Foods formulated with duck are sometimes recommended for dogs suffering from food sensitivities or food allergies. 

Rabbit, similarly, is another terrific, sustainable, attainable, lean novel protein. Rabbit is actually higher in protein than chicken, fish, lamb, pork and even beef. It is less than half the calories of pork, and about one half the calories of lamb and beef. Regarding our dear Mother Nature, rabbits sustainability is a tipping point. Rabbits reproduce quickly, and have a much smaller carbon footprint than other animals. They produce six pounds of meat on the same feed and water that will produce one pound of beef. By the way, dogs love the flavor and aroma of rabbit, igniting your dog’s primal cravings.

Combo Power: Duck and Rabbit Dog Bites with Blueberries

This important research has greatly informed and impacted the recipe focus of our dog wellness company, Woof Creek Nutritious Nature. We at Woof Creek have tirelessly tested and formulated dog training treat recipes with our own dog, Lily Lou, and her pupper-peers, to help efficiently and safely introduce novel proteins into dogs’ diets and important new nutrients into their bodies. 

Woof Creek’s finalized choice treat recipe is a simple, raw, bite size, freeze dried treat. Our duck and rabbit dog treats are chef-crafted with duck and blueberries ethically harvested in the USA and rabbit sustainably sourced from the USA and France. Beyond the taste combination proving to be a barking success, using these treats to supplement your dog's diet is a great way to slowly introduce novel proteins, new nutrients and tasty variety. 

So, offering your best furry friend a few irresistible, power packed duck and rabbit bites each day is a simple way to diversify your dogs daily wellness routine, keeping her healthier and happier for longer. Woof!


*Always consult your dog’s veterinarian before adding new proteins to your dog’s diet.

**Before changing your dog's\ food, consult your veterinarian for best practices.

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