Woof Creek: small business Q&A with founder Chef Scot Hill

Woof Creek: small business Q&A with founder Chef Scot Hill

Get to know Woof Creek's founder through this little Q&A. Chef and his bff Lily are very proud of what they have created. Jump right in...

Q. What are your primary responsibilities as founder and owner of Woof Creek?

I wear many hats (and aprons.) As director of operations, I do recipe development and trials, I manage a team of contractors from web developers, marketing experts, packaging and shipping folks, and a bookkeeper. I choose to handle all product Quality Assurance, customer service and Social Media management myself.

Q. What is your most significant business or work-related challenge?

Starting and managing an ecommerce business has given me a huge amount to learn, and I’m still learning! Just staying ahead of trends and driving traffic to our site keeps me on my toes.

Q. What’s something you battle daily?

Keeping my computer’s keyboard clean! Switching from treat making to, say, answering a customer’s email, can be very challenging, LOL!

Q. What is the best advice for people aspiring to start their own business?

Choose the moment wisely. If you’re fortunate, the moment will choose you. Then, dive in headfirst: commit!

Q. What's a professional bucket list item you've checked off this year? and...

To start my own business, one that aligns with my ethics and philosophy.

Q. What’s a professional bucket list item you've yet to check off?

To fully introduce Woof Creek to dogs and their parents everywhere!

Q. What has the Pandemic impacted most in your launch of this new endeavor?

The impact of the pandemic, all the openings and closing and virus spikes and precautions, has made tracking data and planning very difficult. So, there’s a lot more “just go for it” and hope this decision or that shipment will work out!

Speed Round

Q. What’s your personal favorite social media platform?


Q. What 3 words would the people closest to you use to describe you?

Funny, compassionate, wingnut

Q. What 3 words would a stranger you'd just met use to describe you?

Kind, easy to talk with, outgoing

Q. If you could have coffee with one person (dead or alive), who would it be?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Q. What are your top 3 favorite animals (besides dogs)?

Llama, donkey, blue whale

Q. Favorite past time outside of work?

Gardening, nature walks with the pupper and family, raising chickens

Q. Name a guilty pleasure.

Ice cream and Tick Tok

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