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Primal Stress Relief Meal Topper for Dogs

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Primal Stress Relief for Dogs Woof Creek's new canine nutritional supplement is designed to fit easily into your dog's daily routine. A single scoop sprinkled on or mixed into meals not only makes mealtime less boring but adds vital nutrients to help relieve daily canine stress and anxiety. 

  • Raw Porcine 750 mg - raw freeze-dried Argentine pork liver, a dense source of amino acids including glycine, supports stress relief for dogs.  
  • Stress Adapt Blend 450 mg - functional mushroom extracts formulated to help support stress relief for dogs and promote wellbeing: Red Reishi, Lion's Mane, Maitake, and Shiitake. 
  • Super Restore Blend 300 mg - a regenerative blend of extremely nutritious superfoods rich in amino acids and antioxidants designed to boost stem cell regeneration: Alfalfa Grass, Kelp, and Noni.