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  • Pet Centric Tampa Bay is Top Ranked in the USA
  • Tampa's Many Pup Perks
  • Rover Resources in and around Champa Bay
  • Made In Tampa Bay! See Woof Creek's Production Kitchen on this TB News Spotlight 'Made in Tampa Bay'

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Woof Creek is so proud to be a part of the great Tampa Bay, Florida Community! Champa Bay is one of the most Pet-centric cities in the entire USA; #7 per Bring Fido.com in fact!

Dog Parks in Tampa

With 33 off-leash dog parks across Tampa, St. Pete & Clearwater, plus 3 off-leash dog beaches (and several other beaches that allow on-leash pooches), our puppers have all the opportunities to live their best social, active lives! Dozens of forest hikes and board walk trails in and around the Bay allow Peeps and their Pooches, including the new Lakeland, Florida Ultra-Park, Bonnet Springs, which sounds tremendous, especially now we've entered our version of #SweaterWeather!

Hair of the Dog Dog Park and Pub, Seminole Heights, Tampa Bay

There are also 5 official dog bars (and loads of other dog-friendly eateries all around the Bay!) to give pawrents a social meeting place with their pooches and other Fido-obsessed folks.

Not only does Tampa Bay offer great social and energy outlets for our fur babies, but the Tampa area also supports over 30 holistic, natural pet stores and boutiques! Hunting for holistic, preventative/integrative veterinarian clinics is a bit more challenging, but there are 4 we have found in the 50 mile radius, including The Heights Veterinary Clinic that we are so thankful for. (Blog Post Coming Soon: All-Things Holistic/Integrative Vets in Tampa Bay and Beyond!)

Another point of pride of Tampa Bay is the tremendous numbers of dog rescues like the Tampa Bay SPCA, Plant City's Big Dog Rescue and the 4 Lucky Dogs Pet Rescue, along with so many other efforts to foster, adopt and rehome doggos that need love and safety. 

SEGD future superhero black lab 4 weeks old

Woof Creek is also thankful to be involved with Southeastern Guide Dogs just south of the Bay. Participating in their weekly volunteer program, Woof Creek is gaining a deeper knowledge of all things health and training, and giving back to people in need by working with the future superheroes born and cared for at SEGD.

The SEGD walk-a-thons held throughout Tampa Bay is a great way to help this fantastic organization. Becoming a puppy raiser or sitter is also an amazing way to give back and experience more puppy love, raising a future superhero for a hooman in need.


And, Woof Creek Dog Wellness is based in Tampa Bay! We are so thankful for some of the best, most conscientious pup parents in the USA! The face time we so value with hundreds of our fellow pawrents at the many (pawsome!) Tampa Bay Farmer's Markets we participate in has been tremendous.

Manta and his dogmom visit Woof Creek all over Tampa Bay

We love meeting the pups and peeps of South Tampa's Hyde Park, Tampa Height's Armature Works, Brandon's Winthrop Town Center, Safety Harbor's 3rd Friday Celebrations, and St. Pete's Mezzo Market or the annual barkin' blast that is !Shopapalooza, we are truly in doggo heaven! In fact, many of our prevention + remedy wellness products were created by request from fido folks.

Woof Creek Owner Chef Scot has called Tampa Bay home for 2 decades; he and his family also call their home the Woof Creek HQ and production kitchen. They were thrilled to welcome Fox New's 'Made in Tampa Bay' for a sneak peek into where the devoted dog dad/founder and Advanced Canine Nutrition Specialist hand makes his canine wellness creations.

Woof Creek is proud to be Made in Tampa Bay

Chief Tasting Officer Lily Lou and Chief Quality Control Officer Layla Mae made their television debuts, as well, and were so well behaved! They did so amazingly that they got an extra long visit to one of their favorite dog parks (Mango Dog Park) that day... gotta love our Dog-Centric Tampa Bay! 

Bark to us your favorite dog-centric things about Tampa Bay or from where ever you live: bark@woofcreek.com or via SM channels below!

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